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Saturday, January 28th, 2012

“Sadashiva samarambam, Shankaracharya madhyamam asmadacharya paryantam vande Guru paramparam!”

We will start today’s Satsang. In Bhagavad Gita, 4th chapter 1st verse Jnana Karma Sanyasa Yoga. Where Bhagavan completely goes to the depth of Jnana knowledge, Karma action, Sanyasa beyond knowledge and action. Please understand whenever you go to the root of the problem, whenever the root pattern is attended, all major problems are attended. In superficial level it looks like many problems, when you go to root, it is only one, then when you go deeper there is no problem only. First you will have 1000 problems, morning getting up is problem, enema is problem, brushing, eating, sleeping, even if you eat digestion is problem….everything is problem when you see superficially. Whenyou go deeper you will see not everything, only few actions are problem. Because Structuring has forced me, morning Satsang is problem. Because Acharyas force, morning Akhada is problem. All other things are fine because whole day I lie down. But when you go deeper the problem reduces. When you go deeper and deeper you understand there is only one problem – your resistance to the flow of life. If you go deeper you will realize even that is not there. Everything is just your own imagination. See in the young age Raghupati Yogi gave so much of importance to build flexibility and energy in my body. but unfortunately never the physique and stamina. These are the four components of Yogic body…..

After these two left the body, I could not stay in Tiruvannamalai because every house every street I am filled with their memory. It is like if a close family member dies, you cannot stay in that house anymore. Same way, this Yogi and maata Vibhudanandapuri after they passed away, I could not live in Tiruvannamalai. Actually now I am working on all the four, I am working on stamina. In my life the only thing I am doing is sitting and taking classes. Only now I am thinking oh God! Why did I not do it all these days? Many problems are just there because you do not even know it. Even going to the root of the problem, sorts out the problem. As I was sharing yesterday, you take everything for granted when you look at life superficially. When I started taking them for granted, and they both said don’t go to the other person, I learnt more from both of them – Kuppamal and Raghupati yogi. Even in Ramakrishna Mutt all Bramhacharis are given 2 full years just to meditate, study and build their body and mind. But whatever they learn, when they have to work whole day and have little time to escape from office and go to temple and escape office and go to library. At that time they learn more because till that time when they were not working, they take it for granted. They never learnt anything. but when they are full of work, they steal one hour and meditate, they steal one hour and study. Those days, those moments they learn more is mind. Many time you don’t even know why this problem continues to exist. There is no reason. There is no big pattern, there is no big engram. It is there just because it is not attended. Go to the root of the pattern – deeper and deeper and deeper root of the problem. First many problems will boil down, melt down into few patterns. Then that few will melt down to one pattern. Then suddenly you will see that pattern also will not have a reason to exist. Even that will not be there. So now Bhagavan is reducing Arjuna’s too many problems into one pattern. So that he can finish it off in one go. ,let us see how Bhagavan is boiling down Arjuna bringing him down to his root pattern. It is literally Bhagavan is doing Inner Awakening for Arjuna.

It is 4th chapter, Jnana Karma Sanyasa, 1st verse –

This un-decayng science of intense action I narrated to Vivasvaan Sun God who said it fully to his son Manu the progenitor of human race who in turn narrated it to his son Ikshvaaku.

Bhagavan is talking about the origin of this science. Now he is giving introduction to this whole science. Because Arjuna has his own doubt are you teaching something of your own because you want me to fight? No, many disciples think maybe he is giving me something of your own…

You have 2 doutbs. One - maybe he is teaching something of his own so that he wants us to do what he wants. Another one doubt, maybe he is copying from somebody else. If I say something new they say he is not telling originally what is scriptures and telling what he wants to tell. If I repeat from scriptures, they say he is just repeating, there is nothing new in it, nothing of his experience.

Understand it is oldest sacred secret practiced by humanity. 2nd even if it is oldest, it was revealed by me only. So he is answering both the problems. …Surya taught to Manu, Manu to Ikshavaaku. Means oldest life science. Oldest process of Inner Awakening. then he is answering the next problem then you are repeating the same thing like a parrot, it is not your experience. Bhagavan is saying no, even the first time when this was revealed, I repeated it. It is my experience and the oldest process of inner awakening. how difficult to handle human beings! They have answer for everything and they have some way to push the master aside. They say you say whatever you want, but you keep 10 m distance! You tell whatever you want from there itself, we will listen from here itself. Non-understanding. I can see very clearly. See when this time we went for the relief work to Puducherry and Cuddalore districts for the Thane and other cyclone hit areas. Before going I said only one thing see what we are going to spend is nothing in front of the loss that has happened. around 3000 crore loss has happened, we have spent only one crore, 96 lakhs. That is nothing. But understand use this opportunity to develop compassion and friendliness in you. put yourself in their feet and feel the suffering of people and then serve, work from the oozing compassion. End of the relief work I just sat and asked some of our organizers how many volunteers had tears in their eyes seeing people with no food, no water, boats lost, even people who were well to do till yesterday just because their agriculture is going, wealth is going, now nothing to eat. All of them standing in que for food. I saw only 5, 6 people in tears. Around 800 volunteers worked and only 5, 6 people had the heart chakra opening. I said only this 5, 6 people have done the service. It has nothing to do with the money we give. It has to start from the right experience, right space. If not, you are in mess. This un-decaying science of intense action I narrated to Vivasvaan. Bhagavan very clearly says this science he himself narrated to Vivasvaan who in turn narrated to Sun God who in turn narrated to Ikshvaaku.

Through this verse Bhagavan is clarifying 2 things – the scinec OF ia he is teadching is time tested, authentic, fool proof. Second these truths were directly expressed from himself. It is very strange. Now Krishna and Sun God both of them are lost in time for us and thousands of years old. So n ow we can believe Krishna taught to Sun God. But then it is very difficult to believe. Krishna was just 33 years old when he delivered Bhagavat Gita. 33 year old man saying I taught this to Sun god who is millions of years older than him. that is why I say Krishna is my personal hero. I admire his realization about himself, his courage to express it in words and his honesty to experience it. In the middle of the war, standing with his close friend who are class mates and glass mates. Both of them went around girls together, both of them even had physical relationship together. There is a record, Arjuna who knew the science of gender change, changed his gender and enjoyed Krishna physically. This science was given to him by Sri Krishna. Beautifully Bhagavan is explaining and expressing saying that he gave this science millions of years before to Manu, to Vivasvaan. Vivasvaan is Sun God and Sun God came to Manu. It is like me telling all this kriyas is Yogic physiology and psychology and it is me who gave it to all the great Siddhas when I was Meenakshi. People who are connected to me will believe. But if a person who is new if he is told this, naturally that fellow will think this guy has gone crazy, gone kukus! Here Bhagavan is describing to Arjuna with whom he womanized, drank, partied, did everything immoral, illegal, anti social, anything you can imagine above the sun and below the sun. but to whom? To him he is telling – Arjuna I gave this science of Inner Awakenign to Sun God, to Vivasvaan. It really needs courage and guts. But the ultimate and amazing thing Arjuna trusted. He is not the guy who will trust. I don’t know whether Arjuna’s logic got tired and he trusted or he thought alright let me just keep quiet otherwise he will give me another philosophy. Arjuna trusts when Krishna said I am the one who taught this science. I tell you – you cannot learn spiritual knowledge from husband or wife or from close friend. Anything between husband and wife I have seen they will think – no, the truth may be right but you cannot be right. Same way close friend also thinks I know you out and in. Arjuna may be thinking I know you fellow your womanizing,e verything, how can you fellow teach me about janna, karma, enlgithenment. Something I wrong. Either you are repeating from some scripture or telling your own truths. bHgavan is saing, no, whatever I am saying is time tested, fool proofed, age old and it is my own experience taught by me. let us see in next verses what Bhagavan has taught to Arjuna ……repeating again now. But I tell you this struggle of answering your own questions are you telling something on your own in order to makes us do what you want or you have copied from some scripture.

If I say it I s directly from scriptures Vdaas and BG then they will say we don’t want t….

Cunning creativity – creativity not in the right sense with cunningness. Bhgavan is handling it very beaurtifully saying it is oldest sacred secrete the science of IA. Then he says it is from my own experience, it is from my very inner space. Let us see what Bhagavan is saying in the next verses.