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Friday, January 27, 2012

“Sadashiva samarambam, Shankaracharya madhyamam asmadacharya paryantam vande Guru paramparam!”

I welcome you all with my love and respects! I welcome all the devotees, disciples, Samajis, Satsangis sitting with around the world at this moment in 720 places through eNtv, 29 places 2 way Nayana Deeksha, in 190 cities, 19 countries!

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Let us enter into today’s Satsang. In Bhagavad Gita, 3rd chapter, Karma Yoga, 43rd verse – the last verse in this chapter –

“evam buddheh param buddhva samstabhyatmanam atmana jahi satrum maha-baho kama-rupam durasadam ||”

Translation –  Thus recognizing the pre-eminence of discrimination and having strenghthening your character with the natural temperament, O might armed one! Destroy the conqueror in the form of desire that is difficult to be accomplished.

Bhagavan is giving the spiritual and secular instruction together in one form in one sloka. If he speaks spiritual Arjuna gets frightened, if he speaks secular, Arjuna does not understand and vice versa. Now Bhagavan has to give both the instructions together….sometimes these people really suspect the instruction I give is it directly in accordance with the spiritual dharma. To remove that confusion is the biggest job. I can see all the games this modern day Arjunas are playing. Arjuna is a specimen. I wanted all you guys to know you cannot be more intelligence and more cunning that Arjuna. You are all duplicates. So I know all the problems. Already I solved all the possible problems. Beautifully Bhagavan is putting the word –

“evam buddheh param buddhva samstabhyatmanam atmana jahi satrum maha-baho kama-rupam durasadam ||”

I tell you this is one of the imp sacred secret you need to know. Whenever you are working for the greed tiredness happens. see Arjuna’s greed for the throne and your ….are one and the same.

When you have the greed fror the throne your mind is already visualizing how everyone is serving you, how all women are serving you. but in reality before you get the throne, you need to fight and conquer which is little away from the fantasy. That is why I tell you all goals are away from the path. So any fantasy or any goal moves you away from the path. Makes the path distaste, unenjoyable, boring, dull. Not only that, greed always creates a friction in you. you hate that pattern. I tell you the taste of each emotion. Joy little sugarish but not sweet, greed the tamarind taste, hatred green chili taste, guilt red chili gongura chutney taste. But the tastes have nothing to do with emotion but each emotion has a taste. Desire by its very nature the taste it creates becomes very non-digestible. If you are having desire for some object or person or money and unable to work to achieve that, be very clear both patterns are from same root. Both patterns are from same root.  Bhagavan is saying thus

 Thus recognizing the pre-eminence of discrimination means importance, superiorty of discrimation, having strengthened your ability to make decisions from consciousness, O might armed one! Destroy the conqueror in the form of desire that is difficult to be accomplished.

Bhagavan is giving both instructions together – destroy your desire and the enemies.

“evam buddheh param buddhva samstabhyatmanam atmana jahi satrum maha-baho kama-rupam durasadam ||”

He says you conquering your desires and destroying your enemies are not two separate actions. Both are from same root and both will happen simultaneously. I have seen many times when I tell my disciple to come out from outer world crisis, he comes out of his inner world crisis also when you handle outer world crisis with great spiritual strength, I tell you some big inner blockage is cleaned, inner world also is cleared. I have seen this in my own life. I need to put this incident on record. It is a very imp thing. Morning I will sit with Raghupati Yogi and evening Kuppamal and learn the Vedantic truths. She used to have a huge book which is the essence of four Upanishads. Basically she taught me all that. So after some time, I started feeling like oh! Morning I have to be here and evening I have to be there. I did not appreciate that I got learning from both of them and started taking them for granted. The boredom started showing. One day I will be there, one day I will be here. I will lie down in the temple. Suddenly, one day I saw Raghupati Yogi starting putting pressure on me don’t go to her, Yoga is the only path. Kuppamal would say don’t go to him, Vedanta is the only solution. I loved both of them and I would think oh God! And then secretly I developed a system where I will secretly go to both of them without their knowledge…suddenly one day in one temple function in which I was not supposed to be because she gave me the book and asked me to read the whole thing. I just closed the book and went to temple for some reason. I saw both of them sitting together and talking! It was such a shock for me. Because each of them will talk about the other. Kuppamal will say what fellow is he, always having 3 or 4 children. Raghupati Yogi never had one child, he always had 3 or 4 children. His last child was when he was 90 years old.  So Kuppamal used to tease what kind of Yogi he is.  Same way, Raghupati Yogi will tease her she took Sanyas, got married and then again took Sanyas…so both of them would hate each other in front of me and here both of them are sitting together and talking. I caught them red handed and asked them both of you…Raghu said the moment I created difficulty for you, not only yoru crisis went away, your boredom disappeared and you stopped taking us for granted. Before, I was taking them for granted and miss either of the sessions. But when this pressure was created, I wanted to have both of them. so not only the outer world I solved a great inner world problem also of taking things for granted, taking knowledge for granted.

I tell you a person who is seeking, should be put through all possible difficulties. When you are interested in something then you should be put in all possible difficulties. Then automatically the taking it for granted will not happen whether it is money, knowledge or enlightenment. In just few days you will take things for granted. I was really shocked. Of course I was too young for all this. but I just caught it when Raghu explained – Yes how the mind creates difficulty. When there is no difficulty outside, mind creates it inside. when you conquer difficulty outside, you cross strong engram inside. that is why I am telling you constantly be in crisis or create one or come to me, I will create J constantly be in crisis. Go on attending, solving the crisis. In Tamil there is a proverb which one Sadhu used to constantly repeat to me – eternally you should be in crisis, so you will live forever. That Sadhu physically working, he cleaned and built two temple tanks in Tiruvannamalai. His name was Moorpanaar a great Sadhu still his statue is there when you go around the hill it is there. He was a great sadhu. Physically means with one or two tools he will empty the mud and physically clean and build. Tiruvannamalai temple has 365 tanks owned by the temple. So physically he worked and cleaned both the tanks. He was elderly person at least 60. I used to ask him why do you work physically in this age? He would say, no have conflict to be eternal. He died at 100 and till the last moment he was working. When I met him he was 80, but he started working when he was 60 itself. He built two temple tanks with stone. He will chisel stones and fix them without any assistant or worker. Maybe 2 years he built. When people saw that, they started volunteering and giving money. Then around the money he built the old temples and repaired them and built the temple tanks. Today all the old temples and temple tanks which are standing there are done by him. He will tell always put yourself, exert yourself handling the crisis, solving the problem. Be alive. I used to think what this guy 80 year he can nicely lie down in the temple. People will give him food and clothes. What else is there in life? He will say no. My grandfather is a great devotee and admirer of this Sadhu. Sometime I used to ask him why don’t you lie down in your bed. I used to say in Tamil, if somebody breaks your legs and hands you will lie down. He used to say, even then, I will move my body. He used to say constantly create problems not by doing something wrong. But by constantly creating. It was such inspiration to see him. when I met him and started seeing him, he had his assistants, but he himself will be physically working. He will tie a rope to a parapet wall, then hold that rope and walk and empty the sand physically. I tell you constantly facing difficult moments conquering the outer situations not only you come out of the outer world problems, many patterns inside breaks. If you are not taking the responsibility and live, patterns inside will not break. All those patterns will be there just fresh. Patterns will be broken only when you handle outer world situations.

SO Bhagavan is giving beautiful instructions – maha baho – means mighty armed one, o Arjuna, establish yourself in consciousness, understand the power of discrimination and conquer the desire and enemies both at a time. When you wage the war and destroy the enemies, you will come of the desire to be a king also! Knowing the power of discrimination and staying in consciousness O mahaa baaho Arjuna, conquer the desire and the enemies! It is a straight instruction for all of you. the sacred secret you need to understand is constantly be courageous and take decisions from your consciousness and go on solving your outer world crisis, outer world problems. Don’t be tired. No question of retirement in the cosmos. Go on solving, go on solving. I tell you not only you will be solving the outer world problems, you will create a beautiful inner space where all the patterns are broken and liberated!

So with this sloka, the 3rd chapter of the Bhagavad Gita ends!

Iti shreemad bhagavad geetaasu upanishadsu brahma-vidyaayaam yogashaastre shree krishnaarjuna samvaade karma hogo naama triteeyodyaayaha!

Vasudeva Sudham devam, kamsa chanuramardhanam, devaki paramanandam, krishnam vande Jagath gurum!

Om kleem Krishnaya namaha! Om kleem Krishnaya namaha! Om kleem Krishnaya namaha!

We will enter into the next segment, Dial The Avatar. We will enter into the 4th chapter tomorrow.

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Today Nithya Kriya for Care for digestive issues. Digestion is an important problem, so I created a long kriya for this.

DISCLAIMER: This technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Individuals with any type of medical condition, the elderly, children below 14, women who are pregnant or suspect they may be pregnant are advised to seek professional medical advice before practicing this technique. Viewers who are not on two-way video conferencing are cautioned that they are practicing these techniques at their own risk.







Try as much as you can. Don’t

1.     Sit with the legs stretched

2.     Bend forward

3.     Place your forehead on the knees

4.     Catch hold of the feet with your hands



Naga Kumbhaka means slowly swallow the air as if you are eating morsel of rice. Swallow air andhold. When you cannot hold anymore, relax. This is Naga Kumbhaka. Do this 21 times. This will completely clean your stomach. All your digestive problems will be completely cured when you do the NagKumbhaka in this posture.




1.     Inhale completely as long as you can.

2.     Hold as long as you can judiciously.

3.     While you are holding, visualize intense fire in your stomach, burning all the impurities and disorders.

4.     When you can not hold any more, exhale. This will completely cure all your digestive problems, do this 21 times. Blessings, start!






1.     Inhale through the nostrils and also through the mouth simultaneously

2.     Hold the breath as long as you can judiciously

3.     Now exhale slowly and relax





Inhale through the left nostrils and the mouth and hold as long as you can. When you cannot hold anymore. Relax. Do this 21 times. With this the Kriya ends. Do this Trishoola Kumbhaka 21 times. This kriya for just 3 days is enough to cure any digestive disorder.



-Yoga Rahasya, 1st Chapter, 100th Verse





1.     Rapidly inhale and exhale like the bellows of the black smith until you become fatigued

2.     Then inhale through the right nostril

3.     Press the chin on the chest so that the throat is locked

4.     Hold the breath as long as you can judiciously

5.     Relax the chin and exhale through left nostril


Relax. I bless you all who are sitting with us at this moment around the world in 1120 places through eNtv, in 29 places through 2 way Video conferencing, in 259 cities, 23 countries! Let you all achieve, experience, live, express, radiate and share and explode the eternal bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you!