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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let us enter into today’s Satsang Bhagavad Gita 3rd chapter, verse 40

“indriyani mano buddhir asyadhisthanam ucyate etair vimohayaty esa 
jnanam avrtya dehinam

The sense organs, the internal organ of perception and the intelligence are said to be the seat of this insatiable all-consuming desire. The embodied being with his understanding leadig to repetition of birth and death is bewildered.

Let me first define the technical terms in this sutra – sense organs – combination of muscles, blood, cells all the biological parts, suddenly gets the capacity to perceive things but assumes not only perception of life all the other qualities of life are available independently of sense organs. Example eyes it is a combination of little bit of nerves, muscles, blood, some more biological items. It has the capacity of seeing, but unfortunately, because continuously is able to see, it starts assuming all the things seen by him are under his control. Assuming more capabilities, more powers than the reality is the basic fallacy of organs. That is why I want to call them nonsense organs. The word nonsense organs will be more meaningful than the word sense organs. As long as they are clear about what they can do and what they cannot do, they are sense organs. See if you are very clear eyes can see, ears can hear, tongue can taste. Nose can smell. If you are very clear, you wont have hangover. Alright while you are alive, they are all functioning, when you are dead, they are all shut. Over. There is no question of re-birth, carrying the hang over of this birth to next, carrying hangover of two months to now, all those things does not come to the picture. Problem is solved. But it is not that simple happening. By and by constantly seeing, eyes assume it can control the scene. That is why you start having choice. The moment you say I have a choice I want to see some of this, I don’t want to see some of this, you already assumed the kartrutva…

This is what exactly the mind is. Assuming the powers more than available. Bhagavan very clearly says you only have the power to work, not for the result. By and by the eyes start feeling it can control what it wants to see and what it doesn’t want to see. And then next step the choice starts happening and this eyes will have its own foolish logic to make you believe it can control. RK used to tell very beautifully suddenly one foolish frog started believing it became rich because it got a one rupee coin. So everybody has to respect him. usually in the underground they will have small hole as house. He kept this coin outside his house. The elephant started walking that way. That fellow started kicking his leg in the direction of the elephant and  started shouting you don’t know I became rich see my money! The elephant does not even know what is happening J The frog really felt that he is rich and he saying I became rich see the evidence. He thinks he needs respect from the elephant who does not have even one rupee. Same way, your eyes make you believe you have a choice to control the scenes. When you have the choice, why don’t you start choosing. It is the choice where all the crimes originate. Please understand, whole life is alchemy. When the scene, mud, manure all 3, 4 different things are coming together, suddenly the alchemy of plants start happening. Same way, the grain from the plant, water, fire, salt when all of them are coming together, the alchemy of cooking is happening. When the food, your intestine, blood, parana all of them are coming together, alchemy of digestion is happening. Whole life is alchemy. Understand same way when the muscles, flesh, blood, nervous system, when all these things are coming the alchemy of extraordinary powers like seeing, listening, tasting are happening. But unfortunately, you don’t stop with those powers. If you are simply flowing with those powers, you will radiate so much of intelligence. I tell you. a man who is simply seeing, simply tasting, simply listening, simply enjoying the physical sex, the man who is simply smelling….withotu carrying the hangover will radiate so much of intelligence. Unfortunately, your sense feels they are lord of life.  They are only tools of life, not lord of life. Same way when all these five senses are put together, suddenly a wrong alchemy happens – sense of doership. Sense of doership is the broom stick created by the five sticks of the senses. When you remove the sticks there is no broom stick. But when you put together there is broom stick. Sense of doership happens when these five senses are put together. Understand other than the 5 senses, there is no sense of doership. That understanding, expresses itself as intelligence. It is really unfortunate human bei9ngs the car which they use may be few hours in a day, they sant to know so much about it. the house in which they live few hours a day they want to know so much about it, the food they eat trhice a day they want to know so much about it, the TV they watch for few hours for entertainment they wwnat to know so much about it. the places they will never visit in their life, they want to know so much about it. it is very unfortunate their very own sense organs they don’t want to know anything about it. they neither have time or interest or never botheres. The body in which you are living, the life that you are experiencing. It is really unfortunate. That is why I am telling you human beings are the most cheated, exploited unaware foolish creatures on the planet earth. don’t go on be believing human beings are the most intelligent. No. till you are in the animal body, you just know you. the flow of you. but in the human body you know every thing else other than you! It is unfortunate. Every human being by the time he is 14, see by the time he is 14, all his sense organs will be fully awakened, active and alive. You should find out other than the sense organs actions is there any doership in me? the doership which I am assuming, presuming does it have any basis? The choices with which I am functioning, or the idea that I am having choice, does it have any base? Unfortunately, human beings still have deluded feeling that is exact word I will use – deluded feeling. Alright I am tired and bored sick of teaching this truths to old budos. At least let our Gurukul kids have this syllabus. The moment a child is physically matured, by 14 almost eveyr child will be physically matured where all the senses are functioning. Then he should be taught to sit and contemplate, minus eyes how he feels means without seeing what he feels about himself, whout hearing what he feels about himself. One by one each sense should be shut and he should c ontemplate the experience of doreship and he should discover within one year when the five senses are shut, there is no sense of doership. This lesson should be taught and m ade as an experience before they are 15. This is one of the basic lessons that needs to be taught while living in the body. it is like knowing how to press the brake. If you know everything in the car, and do not know how to use the brake, where are you going to end? Just like how all of us have ended….

Even how to use the wiper, but you don’t know how to press the brake! J unfortunately, you have life in the body because of that fuel is not getting finished. The eternal supply of fuel. Just imagine you are in this car. God! You should be continuously screaming and asking for help. Please somebody teach me how to stop this car, how to press the brake. But you are very comfortable. No, no. what is there, I have a coffee next to me, vehicle is going on the road and things are all okay. After all the A/C is working in the car. Yes every thing is okay till it goes and hits. One hit the whole thing collpases. I have seen in Indian villages this season business walas. The mango sellers have business only in the mango season. I have seen many mango sellers become doctors not siddha or Ayurveda but allopathy doctors they will sit and give injection! Same way, after Ganesh Chaturthi till when they sell Ganeshas, after that they will become veterinary doctors.  Same way the cow brokers who sell and buy cows, after that season they will become mechanic. If you give your car to this kind of mechanic, if you give your body to this kind of doctors, if you give your animals to this kind of veterinary doctors. I remember still one doctor in Tiru removed my grand mother’s teeth with Korada 0 it is an isntrucmnet used to remove spare parts in vehicles. He was a mechanic and in 2 minutes he removed it. But the old lady….

Not knowing the field and entering into it. how dangerous it is for you and for others! I know still in Indian villages doctors are classified. At least when I was there in Tiru doctors are claissified oosi doctor means that doctor knows only to put injection, marundu doctor means the doctor only who can give medicine. Periya doctor means the doctor knows everything including surgery. In this only the periya doctor is real doctor. All others are mango sellers, ….

No. if you are going to this kind of doctors you know what will happen to you. same way only if you are driving the car without knowing how to use the brake, where are you heading?

The next technical term in this verse – internal organ of perception. Pl und from now on I have decided, I will give you the definition of key terms and then I will give you the sacred secrets. Yesterday I started defining the definition of special technical terms of life. Yesterday the first list of 500 words came. I started defining – emotion : the energy which gets converted into excitement and makes motion happen to you is emotions. Joy: the gap you give from the continuous torture you experience.

Pain – the payment you give for being in.

Definitions of technical terms of life! Any of you want to know meaning of technical terms of life you can send an email. I will be defining only technical terms on one of the shows on eNtv. First when you learn any subject how you are given a dictionary. When you learn English, you are given English dictionary, tamil sanskirt…same way when you are living you should be given life dictionary. Where is lfie dictionary? I will create one. Dictionary of life!

Let me define the internal organ of perception. Internal organ of perception is the spark came out of your life source making organs alive and perceive, process information. Understand this example – there is a heap of rice and heap of rice after digestion. A fly is continuously sitting between these two – it is moving from here to there, here to there, here to there. The rice after your digestion is your organs, the heap of rice is your self means the cosmic self – life source. This bee which is moving continuously between both the heaps making the heap of rice after digestion feel it has life is your sense organs. But actually heap of rice is not being given life, this live heap of rice on which this bee is sitting is getting spoilt. After some hundred times, this whole heap of rice becomes slightly yellowish! That bee is the intertnal organ of perception what we call chakshu when it sits on the eyes. We call it Shrotra when it sits on the nose, we call it grana when it sits on the nose,  we call it Jihwa when it sits on the mouth and sparsha when it sits on the skin. And the intelligence. This is the key term. Intelligence is constantly remembering the internal organ of perception does not have an individual existence even though it claims to be having. Knowing the feeling of doership is not a solid experience it is a simple thing. w3hen you know this you will always carry the light mood in your life.

Just 2 days before I discovered when I was doing a kriyas for our BC and BCinis, when you laugh the circuit of Brahmacharya is awakened in your life. So all the fellows who laugh with their whole body, being joyfully are naturally BC not with any struggle. See when you are BC certain circuit is alive in you. that energy cirucuit gets alive when your whole body laughs when yoau re just laughing. The fellows who are laughing around will nto be fooling around. If you are fooling around, you will not be able to be laughing around. Intelligence is the non-trust on the internal organ of perception , not trusting the internal organ of perception as the ultimate minister, advisor, counselor. Not trusting the advised counseling given to you by the internal organ of perception as ultimate is intelligence. Now I have given you the definition of all the three technical terms. Understand the sacred secret fromt his verse - The sense organs, the internal organ of perception and the intelligence are said to be the seat of this insatiable all-consuming desire.

Even though intelligence does not take it as the ultimate, it still has little bit hangover with the sense organs..these three …all consuming desire pattern I am not enough is built. The embodied being, poor you with this understanding leading to repetition of birth and death is bewildered. When you have the understanding the internal organ of perception has more power than perceiving, your doership the false doership has a real individuality, when you believe that, you are lead to the repetition of birth and death and bewildered. What is bewildered, when you are caught red-handed by the structuring how you feel? That is bewildered.  Your life is nothing but continuous moments of being bewildered. Catch this sacred secret life with so many times being bewildered is not worth it. hate it. come out of it. I am not saying commit suicide no. come out of it. raise your self to the highest responsibility. See the moment you have the idea oh this all he will talk, it will not for me. then anything I say is like the water poured ont eh inverted pot. Whether it is water, or milk or nectar poured is not going to stay if the pot is inverted. It will really go down the drain. So if you think this is not for me, he already said it is not for the old, people. Then it is like that only.

Old people are people who feel nothing is for them and they are untouched by anything happening in them. When I say untouched it is not the sense pleasures. Untouched by anything which awakens them. Old enough to feel they are old, are old people. The youngest person I have every seen in our organization is Chennai Ramanatham only. If he starts jumping, you caanot feel he is old. You cannot see he is aged person at all. No really. He is the only one example I can say aged, but not old. No life should be like that. when you jump you should just be alive. You should become old only after you are cremated. Not before that. after cremation ash can become old. That is allowed. Body can never bocme and should never become old. Body should be alive and young as long as it is breathing. Even after breathing three months, you cannot become old. The ash is allowed to become old after three months. Not before that. Siddhas their body hair and nail grows even after 6 months. Ordinary body till 27 days it grows. I had an opportunity of seeing a Siddha’s body. he said after 6 months check. They checked and saw huge beard has grown, the heart was beating as if alive. 2, 3 people presed the stomach and got sound as if when you are hungry. His disciples were instructed by him to do some rituals, they did it and they closed it and we came out. This is near Tiruvannamalai. The skin color has not come down, no smell, no stinking. 6 months 2 week was over. Understand, till your death you are not allowed to get aged. Ageing means feeling bewildered seeing life. For youngest old person I will example Ramanathan. For oldest young persons I can give thousands of examples. Physically tired, retired. Why retired even dead. We have 3 category – young but tired, young but retired, young but dead. Young but tired is never comes to Satsang, young but retired is comes but never listens. Never gets provoked, perturbed, untouched by all the things done in the Satsang. Young but dead is misquoting, bending using whatever I say is to justify their state. I can give you enough example. Young but tired, young but retired, young but dead waiting to be cremated. Unless the breathing stops you cannot cremate you see. So legally alive, not really alive. Legally alive. I can give you hundreds of examples for this clinically alive, legally alive. How to say he is alive? Doctor is certifying. But he is not feeling. Because doctor is certifying he is alive.  For young and tired Annapurni’s spoon is enough to give life. Young and retired, master’s tongue, the tip of the master’s tongue is enough to get them out. But young and dead only Kaala Bhairava’s Trishul tip to make them alive. Varanasi has all three – Annapurni, Vishwanatha – is master’s tongue the Guru and Kaala Bhairava. So young and tired, young and retired, young and dead, for all three people medicine is in Varanasi. Annapurni, or master’s initiation or Kaala Bhairava’s trishul. Catch this sacred secret and internalize it.

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