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In BG 4th chapter, Jnana Karma Sanyasa Yoga, 4th verse –

Arjuna uvaacha Aparam bhavato janma param janma vivas vataha | katham etad vijaa neeyaam

tvam aadau proktavaan iti ||


Translation “Arjuna said: Your birth is posterior and the birth of the Sun is remote past. How

do I comprehend that this science of intense action was uttered by you in the beginning?

I think your laughter of yours is commentary for this verse. The greatness of Krishna is he is

going to answer this question. But of course Krishna’s greatness lies in that. Arjuna is asking

…I really doubt now after reading this Arjuna’s doubt, even our Gurukul child will not have

this doubt. Our Gurukul kids are more intelligent than Arjuna. Especially to be an archer you

need to knowt he knowledge of past life. Archery is not just the art related to the outer goal

alone. See if you are a master archer, your inner space will be so fine tuned and sharpened.

Any mysteries in life the moment you concentrate you will understand. Just three days before

we ordered bow and arrows. We are going to teach archery to our Gurukul kids. I am going to

teach some of the Bodhi Dharma’s methods and techniques. Arjuna is a great archer. I don’t

know how he managed this dumbness and archery together. There is a beautiful Bodhi

dharma’s sutra and his follower Saraha one lady enlightened master who was a highly evolved

soul. She was a Tibetan Buddhist Tantric. She writes in her poem when you send the arrow not

only the …if you attack a point, a goal, you need to understand what is the distance, where is it

exactly. From long distance your inner space need to come to many conclusions – what is the

distance, height, length and the speed with which you need to attack that point. So many extra

senses has to happen for archery. That is why Saraha describes when you practice archery, it is

not just the extra sensory perceptions in outer world is achieved, even in inner world it is

awakened. The understanding of the goal is achieved. For example, if you need to eat food, so

many things have to be understood. The angle in which your hand needs to travel to reach the

mouth very smoothly. So many understandings have to happen in you. both of these are in you

only but still so much co-ordination is needed. Still many fellows cannot eat in the dark. Even

this eating where you need to put your hand in your mouth even this needs so much

coordination. Sending the arrow somewhere needs more coordination. Please understand your

7th sense needs to be awakened – calculating, judging, perceiving, making the decision and

sending the arrow so many things need to awakened. Archery is the art where any idea you

look into you will grasp if you are a successful archer. That intense concentrated mind will be

straight away useful to understand the truths of life and getting enlightened. In all the post

Pandya spiritual traditions Archery was used. Arcehery into the science of enlightenment was

introduced by Meenakshi. All the post Pandya civilizations of course from pallava it went to

China to Bodhi Dharma and from there it went to Zen. Source of Archery is Meenakshi.

Archery needs so much of understanding, concentration, ability to perecieve the truth. I don’t

know what is happening to this Arjuna. Is he is some low mood, depression. No doubt Arjuna

is the greatest archer. Understand he conqured Shiva. Shiva came to test Arjuna and actually

Shiva got defeated. He is an extraordinary archer. No doubt. But how did he not understand

with that power of concentration this great truth of past birth, or the Krishna’s honesty. I am

really surprised but I tell you after reading this verse I can forgive any of my disciple. If Arjuna

can be so ignorant, then I cannot be expecting any intelligence from anybody. See in the whoel

Maha Bharatha nobody is attributed with different language skills. Vyasa is not speaking at all

about different language skills in 18 of his puranas. Only when he describes Arjuna he says the

man who speaks all languages of all the 54 deshas. ..Only to Arjuna Vyasa gives this title.

Please understand in those 18 puranas no where is mentioned any language existed other than

Sanskrit. Only when he describes Arjuna he describes him as person with ability of multiple



Arjuna uvaacha Aparam bhavato janma param janma vivas vataha | katham etad vijaa neeyaam

tvam aadau proktavaan iti ||


Very low a villager level question. See it is not that easy to learn languages in those days. There

is no DVD kit. See picking up a language is not a joke in those days. You need to go and live

in that society because you don’t have any DVDs or books. I don’t know how many years

Arjuna lived. …Vyaasa is not telling either in MB or Bhagavatha that Krishna had ability to

speak multiple languages. No where there is record. But only for Arjuna he says man who can

speak multiple languages because when all of them watned to come to Rameshwaram for

Teertha Yatra to see Ramanatha Swamy, they wanted their whole army for protection. But they

were all at that time in the forest. So they can’t get the army to protect them. Army wont be

there with them, they are already in exile. But Arjuna says I know the language lets go. So

Arjuna brings them during exile period and they come up to Trikonamalai, near Srilanka. In

those days, it was always close to India and the bridge was there. Still there is a place in

Trikonamalai called Pandava Kupa. Another one important description Vyasa gives for Arjuna

he was so handsome. Not just women, even men will fall for him. extraordinary sensory

perceptions. Pl und his ability of archery, crosses even Rama because to marry Sita, Rama just

bended the Shiva’s bow. When Rama did that the whole bow broke. With Arjuna he did that

job without breaking the bow, above the bow, one fast moving chakra above which there is a

fish. Without touching the wheel, he has to penetrate the wheel through the arrow between the

carves of the wheel he has to send the arrow, which is supposed to toucht he eye of the fish.

He cannot look up. He has to look down. Below there is water and in that reflection he has to

see and hit it. Originally Draupadi is Arjuna’s wife. I don’t know what happened after that! but

surely Draupadi was a chaste woman. One full year she will stay with one person, end of the

year she will do fire walking, she will enter into the fire and come out to prove that she was

chaste and she did not think of any other man in that past one year. Sita entered into fire only

once. Draupadi entered fire every year after her marriage. Sita was in suffering only for 3

months when Ravana took her away. And Rama will not even look at anyone else. There is

another description of Arjuna – Savyasaachi, ambidextrous – he can use both hands freely, he

can use right hand equal to left hand and he can shoot arrows in dark. I tell you for homo

sexuals and gays, right leg will not function freely. For lesbian, left leg will not move freely.

Transgender and bisexual are ambidextrous. Arjuna was bisexual that is why his whole body

was alive. He can change his gender at will. He was blessed by Sri Krishna for this. With so

much of capacity, how did he miss the ability to see the great mysteries of life. That was the

question with which yesterday night I slept. How can the Arjuna who can speak in multiple

languages, who is the greatest archer of the world. as I said archery is not just associated to the

art of the outer world, it has something to do with the power of concentration which is directly

useful to enlightenment. With all these capabilities how Arjuna could not understand this basic

truth. Can’t he recognize the honesty in the Krishna’s eyes? Please understand another one

thing, an archer has the capacity to penetrate into your eyes and look inside. How Arjuna

missed Krishna’s honesty and integrity. We can have answer for this question in the next

verse. The way Bhagavan handles this question why Arjuna was like this. Another one thing,

Arjuna is a gudaakesha, the man who conquered sleep. He can shoot arrows in the dark and the

arrows reach the goal. That is the main thing. he can shoot arrows in the dark and it will reach

the goal. Why with all this intelligence Arjuna missed we will see in the next Satsang, ….