Life Bliss Galleria

The Life Bliss Galleria showroom, located to the left on the way to the temple, carries Swamiji's teachings in the form of a variety of books on meditation and yoga, plus an extensive selection of CDs and videos of various discourses delivered by Swamiji at different places across the world, rudraksha malas, bracelets and other items to support your spiritual practices. The showroom also has various items that can be gifted to a loved one.

Double Seva

A gift from the Life Bliss Galleria can be considered 'Seva' (the spirit of service) because it reaches out to a new soul, transforms a new being and contributes to global peace. And each purchase is “double Seva” because it contributes to supporting the charitable activities of the mission.
Life Changing Books: In books, people find answers to any question they may have and every time the same page is read, new insights and answers emerge. The words in these books carry the energy of the Master, so they will directly enter into you and work at the being level.
Inspiring Talks: DVDs and CDs in Swamiji’s own voice. An enlightened Master’s voice carries the energy to touch and transform you at the being level. The very sound vibrations cleanse and energize the space in your home and continuously resound in your inner space, guiding you to the cosmic consciousness, intelligence, clarity and devotion.
Uplifting Music: Music and Mantra CDs touch the heart and directly connect you with the energy of the Master. Music is the simplest meditation technique that can take you to the state of Nithyananda or Eternal Bliss!
Energized Jewelry and Energized Puja Products: Blessed by the Master, energized products are like batteries that hold the cosmic energy. When your energy levels are low, they radiate and raise your energy levels and transform negative energy into positive energy. Energized products have potent healing properties. They help you tap into the pure cosmic energy and enable your body’s natural intelligence and self-healing powers to restore physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.