21 foot Ananda Lingam (21 Ft Shiva Lingam) and Vaidya Sarova (Healing Reservoir)

The first sight that greets you as you enter the ashram is the majestic 21-foot Ananda Lingam which has been made using Nava Pashana (a strong natural medicine made of healing herbs) and 1008 sacred herbs.

Several water fountains bathe the lingam with water from the natural spring below. The water running off the lingam collects in the healing tank Vaidya Sarovar which surrounds the lingam. Ananda Lingam and Vaidya Sarovar are blessed to radiate healing energy. Consecrated by the Master, the lingam symbolizes the integration of active and passive cosmic energies.

Taking a dip in this holy water balances the vital energies in the body, rejuvenates the mind and brings about silent spiritual transformation.