Play your game on the edge

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Doing karma means, exhausting your courage by every decision. Every decision you make, you should feel the shoulder pain, and you say, Oh God! I cannot take any more decisions, I will collapse. Every time you stand the decision which makes you feel you will collapse, your shoulder becomes very strong. It is like workout only. If cannot lift 10 kg and you feel you will fall down, but if you still lift it, next day you will be able to lift 20 kg. Same way with mind. If it says I cannot do this, just do it. Next day you will see, it will take stronger decisions. Just like that is workout for body, this is workout for mind.

If you are not exhausting your confidence, be very clear it is like body which is never made to work. Karma means exhausting your body by work and exhausting your confidence by taking risks, risky decisions – next, next, next! Play your game always on the edge, never on the safe ground. Always walk on the tightrope, not on the road. Always, your whole life will be alive. When I say walk on the tightrope, even if you fall, there will be a net to hold you. But don’t look down, don’t verify if there is a net below or not and then start walking! The moment you do that, not only will the net not be there, it will not be seen by you even if it is there.


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