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In this discourse dated on 16 July 2017,His Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji explains about one's idea about your cognition and your existence cannot stop your ability to manifest powers. Swamiji explains truth is supposed to lead to reality making your existence sachidananda. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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aum nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari adīshakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām ||




I welcome you all with My love and respects.



I have to tell you first one important thing. I was sitting and typing Paddhati, means the manual for all our Aadheenams. The definition of Aadheenam and how all our Aadheenams should be run. Started with the Sadashiva’s Seva, puja, the worship part. As I was typing I was making the rule from the Agamas that who should be doing puja in each of our temples. And of course I am always in the space of Sadashiva is one. I was typing the rule that this, our Aadheenam in Bangalore and all the different branches, separate rules. So while I was typing I said all the branches, all genders can do Nithya puja if they are initiated for Parartha puja.

This temple, I'll retain only to the male body doing puja because the society, the Hindu society now exists in such a way only men enter the Garbha Mandir and do puja. So I do not want any resistance from society so I decided I'll make this as a formal rule when I was typing. Suddenly I saw the whole intense energy of Sadashiva gushing, changed the whole typed sentence!






 And I just saw the scene, the first puja done to this linga was done by Sadashiva and Devi together! Devi was initiated into Agama and realized Her Sadashivatva state, then after that, out of that overflowing gratitude, She wants to do puja so Sadashiva was teaching the principles of puja. Then this linga happened and both were doing the puja together, first puja was done. So He says "How can you say other gender cannot do puja in this campus, everyone has to be allowed.” It is not just only female, all genders. If you are initiated, you are authorized to do puja in Bengaluru Aadheenam main Garbha Mandir. Even I could not even do anything. Just it got deleted and then the word is appearing again as He wants. So, I thought maybe I deleted something, so I settled for two three seconds, then I started typing again. The words are not moving. I looked in I saw this is what is happening. So from today if you are initiated as Vishesha Deeksha, in Vishesha Deeksha, and if you want to have training for Parartha puja, means doing the worship in Garbha Mandir, all gender are free to have the training and conduct worship as Sadāshiva Himself has ordered. I make this as a mandatory, at least one Kala puja in the temple has to be done by female gender.





 So forever the right to worship for women is not denied. Not only I'm saying all can do puja, I'm making this as a mandatory so this is not forgotten forever. At least one puja, we are having six Kala puja, one Kala puja has to be done by women, by female gender. So the right to worship is not denied for the other genders. Of course, I myself was very clear all the other branch ashrams, all genders who are initiated can do the Parartha puja. But this campus I was thinking let Me reserve it so controversy. Sadashiva is very clear forget about society. Do the job. He's very clear, so this rule and this whole incident also should be recorded, it'll be carved in stone with golden letters and kept in our temple forever. As the Paddhati created by Mahadeva Himself, Sadashiva Himself, it is direct His intervention. So all the female bodies now you have an amazing opportunity and reason to learn Parartha puja. Reason to learn Parartha puja and conduct.




 So now I'll expand on Aadheenam Chalo series. I was explaining some of the fundamental principles, Tattvas, units. Of power manifestation, Shaktipada. In last few satsangs. Understand one of the most sacred secret and important Truth, sacred secret and important Truth, listen carefully. This line is very powerful very important Truth. Understanding this Truth can make you manifest multiple powers at a time. Listen.




Your cognition about you and your existence cannot stop your ability to manifest powers even when you are suffering with self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial.


Listen. Listen, I'll repeat.


One part of you believes in Me, "Eh, Swamiji says I'm Sadashiva even one part of me I think I'm Sadashiva. I'm ultimate, how can I be other than that? Nothing less is true, nothing less can be real."


The other part, "Yes yes, you are Sadashiva no doubt but you need to realize it, until then you are not. Till you solve all your problems, till you experience that state, you are not."


Understand, status only need to be realized, not the state. The confusion you carry, and these pseudo Vedanti...




See the problem of Christianized Hinduism in the name of Vedanta, depressive, powerless cognitions. I think this modern day Christianized Hinduism Neo-vedanta is the cancer happen to Hinduism. Really I'm telling you. The whole thought current of this "Neo-vedantis" Christianized Hindu version of the Neo-vedantis, is all about guilt and sin and making you manifest more and more powerless cognitions. Understand, most of you are Neo-vedantis.




 Listen. Truth is a idea leads to reality. If you feel, "Eh, a part of me feels I am ultimate, part of me says, 'Oh, till I realize I am not, after I realize I am.'" If this is the struggle war going on inside you, if you decide to support empower the part I am ultimate, and manifest cognitions based on that, it is truth, because any truth has to lead you to reality.




Listen. I'll define the truth and reality. Sun rises in the east, is a truth. Reality is based on that fact you align all your real life. You put your window for sunrays sunlight in the right direction. You make your reality aligned to the factual forms of the truth. So the truth is supposed to become reality. Truth is supposed to lead you to reality. Make your existence Sat Chit Ananda. Listen. Any truth makes you powerless is not Truth. It is asset. It may be an information, which will stand even the verification and scrutiny of your logic and science, but does not mean it is Truth. For quite a long time science was holding many stupid cognitions and then after that they themself update it, because they were holding their cognitions did not Reality. Even now I tell you the largest number of scams are only by scientists. So many myths, scams in the name of science.




 So listen. Truth, only when it makes you manifest powerful cognitions leads you to Reality, only then it even gets the title Truth. Not otherwise. Not otherwise. Not otherwise at all. Be very clear, there is no inner space where a part does not feel he's Ultimate. All inner space even when you're a worst atheist, your inner space feels you are Ultimate. If you are fearlessly breathing, deciding to exist, that part of you is smelling you are Ultimate.




 Advaita Satya, the Satya of the oneness, is cognized by any existing living being. There is always the other part of you, which is fighting with SDHD, self doubt, self hatred, self denial. "No, no, no, no, no you don't know Swamiji, you should have seen my wife. No need to live with her even if you see you will understand I am not God. She treats me all the time in the rivers fade dog. How can I be God?"




 Listen to the Truth carefully. The Truth is even when you are suffering, getting tortured by the self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial which has enough evidence. See your self-doubt does not come just like that as a statement, it comes with a long tiring argument. I tell you your self-doubt comes with that kind of an expertise. If you are depressed you have a expert self-doubt logic. It's a strength. You should recognize your efficiency to be always in depression. Understand I'm using new word, your efficiency to be always in depression comes with a very elaborately substantiated arguments and ability to convince you very logically and systematically, self-doubt. Your self-doubt has capacity and ability to convince you with large number of facts that you are not Sadashiva, forget about it. That fellow because He got hold of a throne, He is Sadashiva, and not you. You'll only be thrown, not the throne. Very elaborate logic.




 No,  today I really wanted all of you to do this as a homework, especially Sadashivatva participants, batch 2 and the Aadheenavasis and all the Satsangis can do.


See from your very cognition, pen down all the arguments you have, very convincing arguments that – you are Sadashiva;  and very convincing arguments – you are not. And there are very convincing arguments even if you are Sadashiva what is the use?


You have this kind of a spouse and this kind of a house. This kind of a lousy mind, what is the use. So all these arguments with which you are constantly attacking you and then finally get tired and forget the whole subject. "Eh, forget about it, come on let's go to party. This is not worth arguing. Come on let’s do something else." How many of you go through this? Today lets have little time and try to pen down. I tell you that'll do a lot of understanding. You will know what kind of a cognitions you generate. What kind of a truths are lies you're eating every day.




Please understand, the ideas you eat matters. Why I insist on this morning spiritual routine you know, whole day if you eat the lies, false ideas, morning you cannot wake up. It'll be heavy on you. Morning Brahmamuhurta when Mahadeva in the form of Sun, in Saivism Shiva Surya, not Surya Narayana.




In Vedantic tradition they feel among the six too many are Shaivite, means Devi, Ganesha, Subramanya, in the six four has gone to Sadashiva, so they want to have a little balance so they give Surya to Vaishnavism calling Surya Narayana. In Shaivism even Surya is Shiva Surya. Anyhow let’s not bother about whether He's Shaivite or Vaishnavite, but He's embodiment of Sadashiva, that’s all is the truth.





Listen, when Sadashiva in the form of Surya raises and makes you feel His presence, how you respond matters. Morning spiritual routine if you are able to do intensely I guarantee you will not know anything called depression in your life. I am responsible for what I am uttering. I am ready to be legally responsible for what I am uttering. It is that important, ultimate truth. Just morning spiritual routine which we do in our Aadheenam, you will not even remember what is called depression. Means depression will become redundant to you, irrelevant to you.




Understand, to be depressed you need to do lot of homework. No really. You need very highly efficient logic why you should not get excited and inspired about life. Why you should not be active and always frustrated and amazing memory of your failures. Which has not even happened once. Amazing ability to remember imaginary failures. Wow what a capacity. Actually to be excited inspired only you don't need to do any homework because that’s a nature of a being, that's the way you're born as a child. See that is the way you were as a child, but you need to do really good homework. A real good homework to be depressed.




 Listen. I'll repeat the statement. Your Sadashivatva is powerful enough to manifest its state, space, powers even when you have intense self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial. Your self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial do not have existential power. They have only illusory power. Understand, see sun rises in the east. If you know this Truth and align your life, construction building, it is Reality, but there are people who make sure you don't get the Truth so that they can guide you and cheat you and have power over you. Like atheists. That power is not Truth based power, it is illusion-based power. Till you wake up and see the East they can have power over you. They can say, "Wait wait, wait, wait why are you unnecessarily believing all that? First let us put window in this direction and see for one week whether sun rays comes or not. Then let's put this direction, let's put that direction." So he can have construction money charged. Then finally before even you come to the right reality he will be dead, you will be dead.




The illusion-based power is not Truth based power. I'll expand on this in the further Satsangs as we have to move now to the class, Paradox of Freedom. Today it is all about Shaktipata and Third Eye reading power manifestation. It is there all over the Facebook yesterday I saw in so many centers, Aadheenams, Vibhuti has materialized, Sadāshiva’s presence was marked. Today not only it'll continue to materialize, yesterday itself I heard in Gujarat in Vadodara center many people have started reading blindfold third eye reading, today everyone will manifest the power.




 So with this I bless you all. Let's get ready for the Paradox of Freedom workshop. I bless you all, lets all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Sadāshivoham The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you, Be Blissful.