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As Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji gives participants the next spiritual alchemy product during Sadashivoham 2016, the Brahmanda Yoni, he explains about the Cosmic Mother Energy which is represented by this mandala and has given birth to the 14 universes. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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And before that I wanted to introduce the first spiritual alchemy product.  So, the sheet kind of a thing, that is the 2D of the cosmic DNA, please understand, how an individual DNA looks in certain shape, cosmic DNA looks in certain geometric form.  That is what is called Sri Mandala, Sri Yantra. It is literally the shape in which the cosmic DNA is seen. And the cosmic DNA that Sri Mandala, it has many names – Sri Mandala, Sri Yantra, Sri Chakra; it is drawn in 2D form and installed as foundation. In this foundation it is drawn in 2D form in pure copper sheet and then the same thing is in 3D form above. In pure copper, made in pure copper as per Agama but gold coated, silver coated specifically for those Tithi Vidya Devatas. See, there are different energies installed in this Meru.  So, Devi is said to be residing on the top spot. It’s called Nāda Bindu; means the sound and the energy source. Nāda (naada) means sound, Bindu means the source energy. Each of this Mandala, it is a Nava avarana, means nine steps. In this Nava Avarana, each of this Mandala, different deities, Gods, Devatas reside. Different energies are invoked.


So now, there are four tubes associated to it. In that tube, literally the Sadashiva manifested in powder form, means a certain powder component, mixed as per Agamic instruction. Keeping the Haritaki as the base material, that powder is created and that powder is energized with the high energy, so it carries and holds at least next 30-40 years very comfortable. Understand, the science of making the highest energy stay in matter, is available only to Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Hinduism evolved this science. So, this is the science based on which the deities are energized. It’s called Pranaprathishta.  

You see, if you convert bread into blood it is digestion, same way converting the matter into energy is Pranaprathishtha.  Matter - you can breathe life into it, it can be energized, it can hold the energy, it can store the energy, it can radiate energy. The powder inside, technically, Agamically it is called ‘Veerya’; equivalent to the cosmic energy. Sadashiva’s space, energy is infused into that and then there is a leaf called Pulluruvi, means it will not be born out of a seed like a usual birth, it is Amalotpava.  It is called Amalotpava, means without any male component it’ll be born; means, the plant which grows in another one plant, without a seed.

Actually, this is where they took that concept of virgin birth; the source of the virgin birth idea is this Amalotpava.  A plant which is Amalotpava, in English you use the word parasite. I don’t have any another equivalent English word, but in Tamil we use the word Pulurvi, in Sanskrit Amalotpava Vriksha.  The Agama uses the word Amalotpava, means that plant will not grow from the ground, it will grow from another branch of the plant; it will grow on the plant without a seed, means, on the Neem tree, Bael tree will be growing, on the Bael tree, Sandal tree will be growing.  That Amalotpava leaf is powerful enough to be programmed, means any Satya Sankalpa can be programmed into that leaf, and that leaf will hold that energy and make that into reality. Because this plant itself manifested itself without any external help, it can make whatever you want into reality without external help.  It’s a very powerful programming material, means matter on which you can do the programming, any spiritual programming; just like writing software. This is the base material.


So we have like that 18 trees in our campus.  Amalotpava, where, I’ll tell them to take you guys and show you, where the Bael tree grows from Neem tree, not in corner and all, it’s a straight branch. No way the seed can be stored; nothing is available, mud or nothing is available for the seed to sprout. Just from one branch the tree will be growing, another tree will be growing!  And that leaf is programmed and Jnananjana is added. All that is kept in each of this tube which is gold plated; made in pure copper and gold plated and all of them are tied together in a thread called Panchavarna, means five colour thread, which represents five different circuits happening in our system.  

See, this is almost like a living being.  So, this threads are the nervous system. These threads are the nervous system. The physical circuit, physiological circuit, psychological circuit, neurological circuit and energy, Kundalini circuit. So, these five is represented by this Panchavarna. I’ll also give you the original verses out of which this product is evolved, which it is made.  And then three garbha is kept inside this Sri Chakra.  If you shake you’ll see three inside. Three is kept inside representing the cosmic Brahmanda Yoni, the cosmic womb – muscle memory, bio memory and bio energy of the AdiShakti.  This whole thing represents cosmic mother, in 2D and 3D form.  And it is made to reverberate with the 16 sounds. There are 16 sounds of cosmos called primordial sound.  When Adi Shakti manifested, the sound she created becomes the Bija mantra to reach her; seed mantra, seed syllable to reach her.


I know, I think it’s going above your head.  I’m seeing many of you are giving a blank look.  I think I’m explaining it for air.  

Alright. Let me put it in short.  

The ‘I’ you carry, it has the cosmic source.  If that ‘I’ is complete with that cosmic source it resides in Turiyatita - highest space. And through this product, I mm pushing your ‘I’ into Turiyatita, while you are asleep in the night. While you fall asleep, part of you tries to sleep.  Instead of falling into a deep sleep, you’ll fall into Turiyatita and Sushupti. And then slowly, slowly the percentage of Turiyatita will take over, your deep sleep component.  

So, I’m working on your neurological circuit through this. And making you fall into the highest state of consciousness. All you need to do just keep it in your bed room anywhere.  Keep it in your bed room anywhere; it’ll do its job.  It’ll bring completion with mother energy in you; the cosmic mother energy.  The technical term in Agama it is referred as ‘Brahmanda Yoni.’ The construct, this whole structure construct, means this four garbha, representing the four energies and the three garbha inside and this whole Mandala of 2D on that 3D is established. This whole thing is worshiped as Bhuvanai Brahmanda Yoni - means the Bhuvaneshwaris, Bhuvaneshwari is the cosmic mother, her cosmic womb, from which billions and billions of Universes come out and go in.  This is the Big Bang, Black Hole source.