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In this video (8 April 2018), Paramahamsa Nithyananda answers a question about addictions and how the can be transformed just by adding powerfulness to them. An addicted person has a potential for a stronger power manifestation than a person who has never been addicted! Paramahamsa Nithyananda also talks about consumption of Marijuana and its effects on the bio-memory. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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Any addiction is a unconscious automatic process… penetrating multiple layers of your Being. When we add powerfulness to that pattern… to that depth this powerfulness goes and becomes a power. So in a way a person addicted to many different patterns, during the practice of Oneness it will be difficult, but once he masters, he will be more power manifesting than a fellow who never even got addicted. Understand, because, even to get addicted you need to be active. By his action, he created some complications. So when you are practicing Oneness, you may have little problem, it’s not that it’s going to be smooth. A person who never got addicted, the practicing of the Oneness will be smooth. But power manifestation is always more for the people who made more complications in their system; because many of their depths and extremes, they have knocked, they have explored. Understand. I am not encouraging, “Go get addicted and come back” No! I am giving you straight as it happens while you are practicing. One difficulty is there – the addicted person… very difficult for them, while we are initially helping them to manifest. That practicing period, that like a pilot drill, that pilot drill will be little difficult, that’s the only thing. If that is managed, then no problem. See, people who are addicted to patterns explore multiple zones of their dimensions and possibilities. In a way I can say, they open and see all the doors of their system.




Actually, alcohol only becomes addiction, marijuana can never become addiction because it is a herb. Please understand, I am breaking the next pot. In My life, I have not seen the addiction pattern developed by marijuana. Let Me….see, I am not supporting marijuana, let Me be very clear. I never used and I am not saying all of you use marijuana. I am… see, now I have taken a oath. I’ll give you the Cosmic legal opinion as it is. And I also want to put a disclaimer - “I am not encouraging you to do marijuana.”  In….no, in My experience of dealing with millions of people, I have seen only alcohol addiction as a addiction pattern. I have not seen a single brain, bio-memory, developing addiction pattern because of marijuana. People who used marijuana always only feel free to drop when they want or use when they want. I have not seen their freedom being bound by that habit, in My life. If some of you have expected very orthodox answer from Me, sorry!! Here I am going to be only speaking truth. I am not going to be siding any orthodox. And I also wanted to add this one more thing - I have not seen a single person whose health has been damaged by marijuana. I have seen enough of people, whose health has been damaged by tobacco and alcohol, but I have not seen a single body whose health has been damaged by Marijuana. Of course, I am not promoting it. I just want to tell you, as a Cosmic legal opinion, I am giving you this.