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In this Satsang from 7th January 2017, participants of the Nithyananda Yogam program share their amazement after joining Balasants of the Nithyananda Gurukul in the manifesting of Shaktis. Sit back, relax and enjoy this exciting happening, which is beyond a breakthrough in mathematics, sciences, arts and more! Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām ||



(Ma Nithya Swaroopapriyananda) -

Nithyanandam, and welcome to one more live satsang, today we have more amazing stories, amazing happenings from Adhikaara Nandi’s courtyard. After Swamiji has initiated the new species into the manifestation of a length, and breadth dimension, and the dimension of depth. The depth dimension has started to express so amazingly, so beautifully. Actually, yesterday, I had shared about Chidambaram. How in the ancient times, Sadashiva Himself, awakened the ability to read the Akashic records in Agasthiyar Muni and how he went into that state of Shaktinipata, and initiated his disciples also in the Akashic records, and for who knows how many thousands of years, between then and now, the same happening has not taken place on planet earth, until our Sadashiva himself in the form of Swamiji, has given this power to the Balasants.


Another happening that took place in Chidambaram, was that Patanjali, whom some call the father of yoga, was able to actually go into that state, of Sadashivatva, that pure Oneness with Sadashiva and sit in the center in an enclosure, while one 1000 disciples sat around him, and through one thousand heads he expressed all the wisdom of Existence, to be transcribed. Now, I think this is the happening most similar that we see here and a daily basis. Actually, scholars, and those who are studying immersed in the understanding of Sanatana Hindu Dharma are so inspired by this event, because it was from there that the Patanjali Yoga Sutras were revealed. I was wondering about this, how is it that we are so blessed, so unimaginably blessed, that every single day that we are getting to see a revelation like this happening again. Actually, for the past few days as these new species the child saints, who are in the residential school here are able to just immediately answer any question receive any information and even give updates on what we currently feel is the scientific value on we do things. Actually you already heard two doctors here, doctor Soma, and doctor Sarasvati, they shared an amazing happening where they asked one Balasant, how they should treat one medical condition. The first few text the Balasant, was exactly verbatim, what would be found in any textbook. But from there, she revealed new information neither of them had heard of before, despite their many years in medical school and in any practice. And so we can see just as Patanjali revealed the Yoga Sutra and gave an update on what was currently being practiced then through the Balasants, Sadashiva himself, Swamiji himself, is now updating even our medical understandings.


I was wondering how the disciples of Patanjali, saw him revealing information through his thousands heads, they were burned, and yet here we see Swamiji revealing his information, through his thousands heads, through his thousands disciples around the world. I feel for sure it is just the grace he has bestowed on all of us. The preparations that he has given us through the pure Satvik vegetarian food, of course the Nithyananda Yoga, and the alchemy products we’ve have been sitting on since the Sadāshivoham. We might be taking it lightly, because it seems so casual. Swamiji might be sitting on his swing in the courtyard, saying, now you all have the breadth dimension, start expressing. And suddenly the Balasants can sing songs they never heard before draw pictures of famous art they have never seen before even draw pictures of obscure art that has never been shown in the gallery, just by hearing the name if the artist. It might seem very casual, especially when you see participants of Nithyananda Yogam, coming to this podium, holding a sketchbook with some lined paper and a rough doodle.
Actually yesterday, I was almost jumping backstage, when people were saying;  actually the page the Balasant was drawing on, it has been misplaced, I am not sure where it is now. Or, it has been cleaned up, as if these are not precious sacred items that are to be going historically venerated. We might feel very casual about what is going on here, because Swamiji is making it so easy. But what is happening here, we are literally living in a Puruna.

For thousands of years to come, beings on planet earth, are going to talk about the events taking place here, the early days of 2017. Because every single day is a breakthrough, every single Shakti that Swamiji manifests in the new species, is something historically unprecedented. He is leading us further and further and further into literally a new civilization that I’d like to refer to Shivalization, He is taking us into Oneness with Him, and it is such a beautiful thing. Now yesterday I mentioned of course, I have talked about the expression of length and breadth, but I want to talk a little bit about depth. Before I invite the Nithyananda Yogam participants, and Balasants to share their experiences.


Swamiji said that the dimension of breadth, is the dimension in which we can actually materialization teleportation, telekinetic expression. The first level, the first expression of this Shakti, Balasants are sitting in that state of Shaktinipada, which can only be very roughly be translated as entanglement, experiencing that Oneness with him. The Balasants sit and connect with the coconut. And just through the power of their will, either by staring at that coconut directly with the will of their eyes, or waving their hands very casually directing their movement.  They are able to make it roll, to the one side, stand up straight. And yesterday, many were actually cracking the coconut open, just through that Shakti. Swamiji had said if somebody is experiencing that complete Advaitic space with Sadashiva even the world itself will move at their will.


Historically, we have heard of Avatars of Sadashiva making this happen. One beautiful story that illustrates this happened in Madurai, during the time of Meenakshi. Meenakshi’s mother wanted to take a bath, so Sundareshwara, the embodiment of Sadashiva, who came as her husband, moved all the seven seas into a bading pool, in order to enjoy for her to take a bath and enjoy all the waters of the world. Similarly, in Swamiji’s life, when He was in the form of a child an and His other from, Arunagiri, appeared to bless Him at Arunachala. He experienced the literal physical happening of Arunachala moving into Oneness with Him. Arunagiri just moved His hands, brought Arunachala, and Arunachaleswara, the temple deity, into a space, exactly embracing the young Swamiji. It’s easy for us to hear stories of incarnations, of Avatars, of Sadashiva, by their will moving matter physically, but it is something else entirely to hear that Sadashiva Himself is initiating His disciples Himself to do it. I think none of us find it surprising, I think at least we shouldn’t, that Swamiji is awakening the power in so many, none of us find it surprising to know that Sadashiva Himself can move the world by His own will, but it is so beautiful, so exciting and so unprecedented, to see Sadashiva, give that same power to those who are in that state of Oneness with Him.


So without further a due I would like to invite, Nithyananda Yogam participants and the Balasants, with whom they are sitting, to experience this great awakening, the manifestation of these Shaktis. We will start with Ma Nithya Devananda, and the Balasant Rahul.

(Ma Nithya Devananda) –


Nithyanandam. We were paired with Balasant Rahul yesterday and we were manifesting both the length, which is logic, and the breadth, which is visualization dimensions. So we asked them to visualize, an ancient Greek statue name Vamis Dimilo (11:05) he was not familiar with. When we asked them what he saw, he said, he saw that she was standing, which she is. We asked what she was made up, and she said marble, he said he saw the color while, which is all accurate. Then we asked him, when she was created. He said he saw 100 BC, and in Wikipedia, it lists that between 130 and 100 BCE is when she is carved. When I asked the dimension, ether in, cm or inches, he said he saw 80. The answer is 203 cm or 80 inches. When we asked her height, he stated 6 feet, and after couple attempts, he also said 8 inches, and that is also accurate, she is 6 feet 8 inches. And he said he saw her holding something. And a very distinct feature of this famous ancient Greek statue is, her arms were broken off, but the amazing thing is, that the drawing of her original depiction shows her holding something. Thankyou Swamiji. Thank you Rahul, Nithyanandam.


(Ma Nithya Swaroopapriyananda) –

So, how amazing? And next, to share an experience of the same breadth dimension, we have Ma Nithya Bodananada.


(Ma Nithyananda Bodananada) –


Nithyanandam. It’s Ma Bodhana, just a correction.

So the person that asked me to work with her, I was so excited, because so far I have not seen anyone demonstrate this particular power, so that is going to be the third thing I am going to mention dimension, am going lead up to it, because when you are working you want to kind of warm up. So Ma Jnanatma has a few things to display, the first thing that this person asked me, excuse me that I asked her. There was a famous painter named Nicolas Rorich, he was Russian, he was considered to be enlightened, and he did many pictures what is called Shambala.  I asked her to draw a painting of Nicolas Rorich. If you can first show the line it's an ink drawing of mountains. So, she drew this line mountain, now understand so far the paints had not been out, so it was just a line drawing, he had many paintings, so when she was done, I was looking at it thinking that it was blue. She said, no, it’s pink, the mountains are pink. When we looked at the imagery we found the artwork, It was pink mountains, it was, she drew a round structure that is like the sun. There is actually a figure there, well actually, there is a figure there in the sky above these mountains, I was thinking she used her logic, I was thinking; why would there be a figure in the sky, so I made it a sun. So here is the picture, you can see the mountains with the round sun she saw as a figure, there is the actual painting, she was going to finish painting it in pink. I just want to, before going to the next one, I want to give you a picture what this courtyard is like so, many of you have been only learning through us  what it is like to sit in small space with Swamiji, I can say mostly it is serene, the birds are chirping, Swamiji is talking, or reclining. Well, Let me tell you the last two days; there is kids and people all over, there's paint everywhere, there is the water cups with the paint brushes. There is clay, there is charcoal markers, there is pastel markers, there is play-do, there is coconut halves, because they all have been cracked open. All of this is all over the courtyard, there is Krishna Shila big ones, Kristha Shila small ones. It's hardly able to walk because you have to make sure that you don't step on somebody’s painting, or drawing or clay sculpture that they have done.  So this has been the beautiful space of the courtyard the last two days.


Now let me talk about her next thing. The next thing is Swamiji wanted us to do GPS with them. So I wanted to do a local highway, it is called M22, it is locally famous in Michigan, so who would know this highway, it is very small, very scenic route. So I just gave her the picture, or I drew the words, M22, and I asked her to draw were this was, the location all of that, so she started and she immediately said the word Michigan, which was correct. Then she drew all of you might now the uniqueness of Michigan is a mitten shape, she drew the mitten shape, and then she proceeded to draw the root, which is up in the North-West corner along the lake line of Michigan, So, we have those two pictures, side by side, we can show those, keep going, okay, she does not have that. Okay, the last one was the one I was most excited about. I'm so passionate about music, and Swamiji said the breadth dimension it is all about the emotion coming up, the emotion that comes up with poetry, with art and music. I kept thinking surely, if you show...Okay we will stop and look at this. M22 and there is the top part of Michigan, and the root is in red. And you can she see she has written the word Michigan. She has drawn the mitten shape, and she has shown the part of the root up in the North-West corner. It is just amazing, doing these processes.


So then I got to the one I was most excited about, what I wanted to do was give the name of the piece of music that this person does not know, have them look into the Krista Shilia, I didn’t know how it would express, because sometimes you have music in your head, sometimes you hear it. So I told I said I am going to put a piece music down, and i just tell you, it was; Ode to joy, by Beethoven, I want you to hum it. Now imagine, if you don’t know a piece of music, and you start humming, you will never actually click with the tune, if you don’t know the tune. o she just closed her eyes and she started just humming randomly. Just various notes as they were occurring to her. suddenly I heard, “humhumhumhum”  It were the first six notes. I said, stop, you got it, and she just looked at me and was like what? So how does she know, because she does not know the tune, so how does she know the tune. Now what I will give you that is today, we will do a recording, we will start at the music and record. I also asked Swamiji about this, he said as long as they look into the Krista Shilia, looking only into it, they should be able to have an instrument in their hands and actually play a tune. He then said then they can take a bow and arrow and as long they are looking into the Krishna Sheela, there should be a mark. Looking into it with the bow, they should be able to hit the mark exactly. So these are so many exciting things we can all be working on, but what are the implications. Last things I want to tell you, I worked with a different person, yesterday, a different Balasant.  And I said, let's find the location of Malaysian aircraft 370, because Swamiji has already talked about cardiology, many the kids are working on the Titanic. What if an aircraft was in flight, and it is lost.


These people were immediately start tracking and finding. So anyway, I asked the Balasant, she looked in her Krista Shila, she immediately drew I think all of us know that Australian government has taken up search, and they think it's off Perth. Anyway, she drew Asia, she drew Australia, and she is like this. Oh, there is a little island right here, it is only the two part, but the two whole part is sitting on this island, And I only see a very few amount of people.  It is not the whole 270 people are on this island, she was very clear about that. So today we are working on getting the actual coordinates of the island, bringing in the length dimension and just imagine again, the implications, what Swamiji said after asking these question— There is only me, and there is so much to be done with this, there is so much to be done with this. So all of you, you have to come, you have to send your kids to the Gurukul, we have to expand this, and spread and spread and look what we can be doing for humanity. So thank you and looking forward to sharing more with you.


How amazing. So next we have doctor Sona, doctor Saraswati, and there Balasant, Ma Nithya Jnanamatananda.

(Doctor Saraswati Jampala) -

Nithyanandam, this is doctor Saraswati, yesterday I was entangling with Ma Jnanamata, so pleasant to work with her, she is… her description of things, her twinkle eyes when she describes things, so pleasant to watch yesterday. Swamiji said you can work with length and breadth yesterday. Initially we gave her some math problems, later on we went to the breadth part, were I asked her, “do you know a statue of liberty,” and she said, “no.” Then I said, can you tell me, first start with where it is, and just describe. And she started to see, and she wrote, statue of liberty in New York. She wrote this in her notebook. The spelling also she wrote NEWORK, and then she realized, is it New York, oh there should be Y then. And then she said, that is what she wrote initially. And then she said, “It is so big right,” and then she said, “it will be like this.” And then she said, “it's like blue and green color, we have to mix the colors, like that it will come, right, there is water underneath,” and then she said, “there are stairs, you can go like this upright,” and like that she was describing. And, she colored this, she did the drawing of that. She used color pens to mix the colors, and she, made sure those colors mixed well to get the right color, that much precision. And then I asked her then, then, “what is the size of it, can you now, the height of it?” And she put 92 meters. And when I verified, it was actually 93 meters. That was so amazing. And the description actually the way she describes, we know she is there watching, I mean the picture didn't justify, but actually, the way she describes with the twinkle in her eyes, and the gestures, so beautiful to watch, as if she is there, I mean how does she know, there is inside the stairs, she can go off. She asked can you also fall off from there, and I said, if you want it's okay. It was too cute to watch when you do that. And we asked different things, and one other thing I wanted to show in the place where I live in Atlanta, there is a Swami …. (23:19) Temple, can you describe that, and so, she described exactly,  says, it is a big right, and there is a cream color, and there is water and there is a pond in the front, and there is this orangish color, brick layer in the front, and she drew this picture. But her description is more like, it is really amazing. The pictures, euh….


And she described, the inside Deity, there is Balarama, there is Krishna, there is Hanuman, and that is right, actually, everything is there. She described more details when she is describing. Thank you so much, and I will give it to Doctor Sona.


(Doctor Sona Kamat)-  

Nithyanandam. I am doctor Sona Kamat, I am a physician in the United States, and the day before, Ma Jnanamata and doctor Saraswati and I were working on both the length and the breadth dimension, we gave her a tablet to hold in her hand, and she looked at it, and she said, there is an A, there is a Z, a Y, and we said, “please write it down,” and she wrote out the word; azutromayasin (24:46). So these are difficult letters, even if you are guessing just randomly, out of the 26 letters, it’s very difficult to put together something of that magnitude even. So, that was fascinating for us, but what really wanted to share is the depth dimension. So yesterday Ma Jnanamata and I were working with the coconut, and what I want to tell you is, I am one of the biggest sceptics so if you are out there, trying to poke holes in this theory, “Well the muscular of the hand, maybe contributes to the movement of the coconut,” I thought of all of that before you did. And what we are seeing here, all of you people at home, I’m sorry to say, have only witnessed or seen in a Hollywood movie. So what we are experiencing is real life, actual movement of matter. And that's what it feels like when you have that coconut in your hand, and the Balasant is able to actually engage that coconut. You can actually feel when actually engage with the coconut. You can actually feel the pressure in your hand. And that’s why we are working with the hand first.  Once they master moving this coconut with the hand, they are starting putting it on a table or solid surface and moving it from there.


(Doctor Saraswati Jampala) -


The other thing that I found to be very fascinating is that when I was working with the Balasants and they were actually able to engage the coconut, and my third eye, I then was able to move the coconut as well. So there is some, there is some transference, either of energy, or neuron mirroring that is taking place that allows for this type of skill or ability, or however you want to think it to go from to person, and it made it so simple. I think the other reason, that it happened so easily for even adults with the Balasants is that they have absolutely no inhibition. If Swamiji says; you can move this coconut by looking at it, they know in their heart that this is what they are capable of, and they just do it. As adults we think; could it be muscles in the hand, could it be the way that the hand is being held, could it be that the wind blew and the coconut moved. I mean, we come up with all kinds of ideas, and thoughts and societal conditioning, that we have predisposes us to these thought patterns. They have none of this. The other thing I wanted to tell you, that is the coconut; when I had the coconut in my hand, and one of the Balasants actually cracked it, it was really interesting, the reason it was interesting from the medical perspective; it was a very clean, sharp, linear cut. Very precise, as if it was cut by a laser. Now, imagine the medical implications of this; there was no trauma of my hand which was holding the coconut, the cut was sharp and clean, now imagine if that coconut was a human skull. Some of the most complicated medical procedures are the neurosurgical procedures in medicine. The complication rates are high. Bleeding, infection, damage to the surrounding tissues. All of these things predispose these types of procedures to a high rate of complications, imagine if a 12 year old was able to look at the skull, and make a precise cut, not have any damage to the surrounding tissue, limit blood loss, and you could possibly even go home that same day. Not months later. For those of us in science and in medicine, for those of us who have traditionally required, a double blinded randomized placebo controlled trial to believe anything, we are fascinated by this. And if you could come here, and experience this, I would wish it for you, but let me tell you, for someone who has been a sceptic, to actually witness, and experience, this is unbelievable.


Actually I wanted to add one thing, yesterday after entangling with her for two days, yesterday in the evening, we were just casually, sitting and then, there was coconut, and I just casually held it playfully, I just was, looking at it, and actually, it lifted and it fell, and I am like, I could not believe, in the middle I am like; could somebody get a video? And I got the video, and that's the first time I tried and it happened for me and I could not believe it actually. After entangling with the Balasants for a few days now. Thank you.


(Ma Nithya Swaroopapriyananda) –

Wow, so here we are seeing, everything from finding a lost airline, to medical procedures, as complicated as brain surgery, being innovated. And we are only just seeing the beginning of the manifestation, of the third dimension, the dimension of depth. Who knows what more Swamiji is going to make available to us. To share a little bit what has been going on, I’d like to invite Liza, Bhaktiroopa, and their Balasant, Ma Nithya Maheshwaryananda. Sorry, Bhaktipriya.


Nithyanandam. I was lucky enough to be entangling with ma Maheshwara, and we did lots and lots of interesting things trough the few days that I was with her, and she has doing lots and lots more interesting things, since, and with Bhaktipriya also. Uhm the first thing I would like to share with you, is I asked her to draw a map of Tasmania, and she said, “Oh is that in Africa, and I thought she must think I am talking about Tanzania.” So, I before I could even explain to her, no, no, it is in Australia, I turned around, and there is a beautiful little map of my heart shaped Island where I live with the dot exactly where Hobart (31:19) is, on that map.


I was stunned. I didn't even have time to explain to her, no it's in Australia. So, euhm, and the next thing I would like to share is, the next day when we were in the depth dimension, we were doing some famous artist pictures, with some colors, and I asked her to draw a Vermeer painting, of a girl with the red hat. And she started drawing, and said to me; “oh, I don’t know about this hat. It looks like, it looks like a pirates hat.” So she stopped drawing the drawing, for a moment, and said I am just going to do the background. So we actually have a picture of the background as well, which was I thought a bit strange, it is just, a dark smudgy color with some yellow in the middle. And, I thought well, okay, we will keep going. And then when I looked at the actual picture, there was the dark color, with the yellow in the middle, and the girl with the red hat in the middle of that, and I thought if we cut out the picture with the girl with the red hat, and put it on the background, she’s got the picture. It was beautiful. Thankyou.
And, the next thing I would like to share, is I asked her to draw the national flower of Britain, and she got excited about the colors actually, and just went wild with them and said, no, all I can see, is red and green, red and green, so she started drawing the picture, and we got a really beautiful colored picture of this.


So she was just talking about the blue and green and when I showed her the photo, of the flower, it is just a photo of blue and green really, and euhm, she has got in exactly. Okay, and, now Bhaktipriya, would like to talk about what she did.


(Bhaktipriya) -

Nithyanandam day before yesterday I got a chance to sit with Ma Maheswara, and being a fashion designer, I am always fond of dresses, and as Swamiji said, with the breadth dimension, anything related to art and culture, you can anything ask. I was just thinking, let me ask one of the dress from, a traditional dress from India.  But I wanted to make sure she should not see the dress, so I purposely I selected West India from Manipur, and I asked her can you draw a traditional dress of Manipur. And then she started drawing the dress, and everybody was like, what she has drawn, it was a completely different dress, it was not a normal dress. So you just see the dress. This is a traditional folk dance dress from Manipur, and she drew exactly apart from this I just asked, where is my purva-ashram, where I used to live before coming here, and suddenly she said, “it's a red fort,” I was like, “come on, I was not living in a red fort.” She said; “No no, I am seeing a red building, it’s a red fort. Then I realized just opposite from my purva-ashram, there is one of the Mughal Emperor town is there, which is red color, which is a red color building. She said, okay, come to the next site, and there is my place where I used to live, and then she started to describing where you enter, what is the sofa, what is the color of the sofa, what is the curtain, window, everything, how many rooms, how many bathrooms, where is my puja room, where is my puja room, like each and everything she described correctly, so, it was so amazing sitting with her.


(Ma Nithya Maheshwaryananda) –

So, Nithyanandam. And, when, so yesterday evening, Swamiji initiated us into the day before yesterday evening, Swamiji initiated us into the depth dimension, where , like, we just entered it by you can move the coconuts, or crack them, and break them open, and I was sitting with Ma Liz, and I was telling her, that okay, let's try to, and I sat, and originally I was trying to move the coconut, and it wasn’t moving actually, and then after that I, said okay, Sadashiva is only going to do it, so let us be patient, so I waited for few minutes, and then I said okay, let me entangle with the coconut with and Ma Liz, and let's see what happens, and so, I entangled with her, and brought the Oneness space into myself. And I just casually told the coconut start lifting up and start doing the movements like this, and it automatically started lifting up, and it was something, like, even I didn’t expect, I was thinking, “Oh it is anyway not going to work and all of this, this is my own superstition and all that. So, basically I understood that when we break the cognition, that it is not us. It is Sadashiva who is doing it, not only that you manifest powers, you even get a breakthrough in your original thought currents, and you can see that there is a much different being living inside you, which is just waiting to express out.


(Liza) -

So, this was a totally amazing experience for me, and as a school teacher, watching children struggle with anxiety, is it right, is it wrong?  What I noticed more than anything else, was that there is just no self-doubt, there is no worry about whether it is right or wrong, these children never give up, and they just have such self-confidence, it was beautiful. So I decided to take a little bit of that self-confidence last night, and I picked up a coconut and I thought, okay Swamiji help me lift up this coconut, and I just moved my hand and the coconut rolled off the back of my hand. And, yeah, it was, it was amazing. So, I am so grateful to be here right now, this is history, it is amazing, thank you.


(Ma Nithya Swaroopapriyananda) –

So next I would like to invite, Ma Supraja, Shatibama, Valentina, and their beautiful Balasant, Ma Nithya Vairagyananda.


(Shatibama) –

Nithyanandam. My team here with the our Balasant, Ma Vairagyananda, we have been working together for the past two days— and, before, we share with you the experiences, breakthroughs, we have been having, I like to give you a bit of background of myself, and how all this fits in for me. I am a  kind of retired, after more than 25 years of corporate experience in blueship companies, heading human resources function. One of the biggest challenges, I always face, is getting in fresh graduates in the company, who have all the degrees that you would dream of, but then, who are not capable of demonstrating or exhibiting even basic skills sometimes coming up on stage, making a presentation, talking properly and getting people's attention. I am talking about really basic skills here, let alone more advanced skills. In the corporate world, we spend resources time and money building these basic skills in graduates. Not only in graduates, but sometimes in more experienced adults. I think we call all just imagine what I am talking about.


And here, I am surrounded with kids, who are managing projects, they are managing temples, skills leadership, who can exhibit enormous management skills, leadership skills, you name it, and I can’t imagine what It would be to have such kids, or when they are older, as fresh graduates into an organization, to manage your operations, to manage your finances to manage your security, to manage your audit, you name it, because they are super managers. So for me the implications of having such New Species in this world, is just unimaginable, and all of this is happening to the just to Sadashiva, transcending everybody here, it is marvelous. Our experience over the past few days have been a number of things that ma Ma Vairagyamayananda has been exhibiting. I, myself have been, I introduced myself, as a hardcore sceptic. The day before, things have been happening, and with my skepticism I said, I was kind of forced into trying to move the coconut, and in a matter of seconds it happened, and I said, no, no, I said, no the Balasant must have done it herself, it's not me. I did it three times but I still did not believe it, and yesterday, I tried it again.  I made sure the hand was not moving the hand was in an upward position, I made sure of everything, and I myself, held the coconut in a position that no one can question, and it happened again and again. So this is just fantastic, I can’t believe it. So I pass on the mike, No, before passing on the mike I have to share a few things that have been happening.


We asked Ma yesterday to give us the distance between England and Japan. She wrote 9406 decimal 646 kilometers. And the answer is 9406 decimal 616; so she was decimal 01 difference between the real one, and this was completely insignificant. This is exactly what she wrote. We asked her to situate Mauritius on the world map. If we can have the projection of the location of Mauritius on the world map. So she drew the location of Mauritius on the world map, and I must tell, when people around, when they ask me. So it is going to be a bit difficult probably. When I tell people I am from Mauritius, 90% of adults tell me, where is it? They don’t know, they have not heard about Mauritius, it's a tiny island, in the middle of the  Indian Ocean, and she drew the exact location of Mauritius on the world map. Then we asked her to draw the map of Mauritius, and, if we can have the projection, of, so this is what she draw, which is, approximately 90% of the real map of Mauritius, and for a kid who has not, never seen what Mauritius looks like, it is marvelous, thank you.


(Supraja) –

Nithyanandam, my name is Supraja, I am from Dallas, Texas. So two days working with Ma Vairagyamayananda. So day before yesterday, we were sitting with the coconut, so basically, it was taking longer time for her than her friends. So, she was so, like so surprised, she was not giving up, and no ma, we will make it today. So, and I was holding the coconut in my right hand, and left and we were going on, and then, suddenly, after some time, she started doing slowly, slowly, slowly, and then I was like; really is it happening? She was almost into tears; “Ma, I did it.” And I okay; said let’s do one more time, and then she just sat, and she was just staring with her eyes, and she just lifted. She did not even use hands, this was just second time. And then we kept on practicing, and the other two kids were on practicing, and the amazing thing is, the minute they start moving with their hand, doing like this; I can literally feel in my hand. It’s like   how the separation is happening, and it’s like energy ball is sitting in the hand, and slowly, slowly you know just know it is falling. I was experiencing, it is like a Oneness, what she was experiencing in the throat. How it is moving and when it is lifting everything. And then she asked her; Ma, this is what you going through. She said yes, this was one confirmation for me, because I was feeling it inside.


After the end of the day, it was like most of the time the coconut was in my left hand. Suddenly, I said, okay; I just kept it, and I was looking around and suddenly coconut just started lifting. I was surprised, Ma Vairagyamayananda is not there, how come this is lifting. Then “Ma, you are able to do.” I said, that's not possible. Then I tried on the right hand, it was taking longer, the minute, I put the coconut on the left hand, I feel like memory is stored in my muscles, it starts lifting. So, without me doing anything just entangling with the kids.  And still it was a doubt, spending time with the kids, and still it was a doubt, so I took the coconut, and walking around and showing to my friends, walking to see. It was like, I was a small child. Even in the night, I was holding in the room, and trying in a different way, is it really true. And yes, it is. So I tried with five different people holding in their hands. When the kids hold, I was able to move the coconut, and the people who are initiated by Swamiji with that, entangled with the, the kids, with the coconut, I was able to do. But the people who are not, I was not able to move the coconut in their hand. But they said, they feel I can feel the vibration, the movement is happening. So, that's what I want to share, thank you.


And sorry, one more thing, yesterday we were doing the length and the breadth. So, it was not going good, so but Vairagyamayananda and myself, thinking; “Ma, today, it was not happening properly.” But whatever questions we asked she did it other than one, all the questions,100% she did it. And of the day, I was feeling, ayo, the day just gone. But I wanted to test it out, because at the end of the day, you will also start started doing it, I asked the Ma there, can you ask me one question, and sitting with the Krishta Shila. She said; “Ma tell me how many kids I have, and the gender and the age.” I was able to do that.  And, Ma asked one question; she said; I am just projecting an object, you just tell. I thought, “Oh my God, it's an object.” How many objects, so I kept on going, going. And nothing was coming out, whatever I said, she said; go on, go on, nothing was right. then then I thought of her, how she worked with the coconut, I said, that's it, let me just relax. And the minute I relaxed, it just appeared and I should just see the object, it was umbrella, yes thank you.


(Valentina) –

Nithyandandam. I am just going to share what we experience on the day before yesterday, and it is about one painting, it is supposed the first question, that we asked to Ma Varaigyamayananda, sorry. And it belongs to, the painter is Van Gogh, the name of the painting is Hireses (48:43), and this happens because as soon we create the group and we sit all together she says; “I want to draw,” and I ran and take my color and book, and she says we start after, and she say can you draw the please the iris, she starts drawing, she say the color is blue or purple, and the leaves are long, and thin. And the very particularity of the painter, is this white, iris, in the middle of all the blue iris. And exactly, is in the painting, she did it yellow, to make it sure. I would like to show you again, because it is very, very particular, actually, is, is. I don’t know if we can project it again, okay, yes, it’s in the middle it's the yellow one, that is the only one, that is the stranger in the middle, yes. You have been very surprised.   And then we ask her the day, the day that Van Gogh painter was just a, and she say he immediately, I need to 1889, and it was like wow incredible. She was really, with Van Gogh actually, and yesterday, what would happen, is just an experience that I had, it was interesting because I,  she was drawing the map, she was just keeping cares of all  the other question, and suddenly, I take a pencil, and I try throwing, and I was drawing almost for an half an hour, and this what I did;  it was very, almost incredible, because this faced, that it happens, that it happens, it was changing, every single minute , it was changing, it was female, it was nothing, and then in the end it was like, it appears. So, I just wanted to show you because  I have been very surprised.



And so the Krishta Shila, we experience me and Ma, and it was very good, yeah. This is the Iris, we can adjust, thankyou Ma. So very good, well done. Thank you very much.


(Ma Nithya Swaroopapriyananda) –

It is really beautiful to see how they have any piece of artwork from any artist, anywhere in the world. Last but certainly not least today; today, we have ma Shaktiroopa, Ma Nishtalananda, and there Balasant, Sri Nithya Mahagitananda.



(Ma Nithya Nishtulananda) –

Nithyanandam, I am Ma Nithya Nishtulananda. And day before yesterday me and Shaktiroopa got, entanglement, Shaktinipada with Mahagita Maharaj. And, at that time, he came to me, he immediately have the coconut to me, and start, hold it ma, i want to show you the demo, okay, I am holding the coconut started, what he is lifting up and down and he said, “no no, I am going to break it now.” Within 15 seconds started the first crack. After half an hour, he made it one two three, and afterwards, going on, he made it 14 cracks in that. It’s really surprising, after entangling with Mahagita Maharaj, me and Shaktiroopa, immediately started to move the coconut, and we didn’t believe it, so we practiced with many people whether we were able to move the coconut really or not, so it is working really. Thank you.


Nithyanandam. Actually, it was not 14 crack, it was 17-18 cracks. So, actually, just sitting with Mahagita Maharaj, as he moves the coconut, it's just such an amazing experience. Just to see, moves the coconut not just the coconut feels the Oneness, even you feel so much of Oneness and Bliss. So both of us, Mahagita Maharaj, he was just cracking and cracking and cracking the coconut, and it went on for few hours, and he would just say; “Oh one more crack happened, see, and I asked him, “How do you know the crack happened”, and he said oh, I just see it. So, It was so amazing, after the few hours, actually, it was night time, so, in the night time, Mahagita Maharaj, he was saying, “oh I am little tired, so he just laid down for one minute.” Then he just got up and said; “I am going to get up and crack the coconut,” and then he just started doing working with the coconut again. So it was so amazing, to see the will- persistence, of the Balasants, when Swamiji initiated them, everyone of the Balasants, see, if Swamiji had initiated us, we will look at the coconut, and we will say move. And after two three, tries, we will think we are little loose. But these Balasants they just, know it is going to break.


So, when we entangled, and were having Shaktini Pada with Mahagita Maharaj, in the night, when Mahagita Maharaj left, we were in that ecstasy, and we saw one or two Nithyananda Yogam participants move the coconut. Then both of us thought let's just try. So, she and me just casually move the coconut. The moment we just sat with the coconut, and just invoke Swamiji, literally we felt we were Swamiji. For me, so much, like, it is not even me, it is Swamiji. Like how, when we give healing, all of us, when we give spiritual healing, Swamiji how it will be when he enters the body, like that it felt like such ecstasy, and for me, literally I was looking at the coconut with such ecstasy, and for me, the coconut just moved and fell. And yesterday, And yesterday I thought let me just see if it happens again. So, Ma Veeraja, one of the Balasants, she said, hey I told her I can move the coconut. So she said, okay move it. So, she held one coconut, and I just was looking at the coconut ecstasy, and I just had one thought, okay move to right. And I just was looking at it, didn’t move my hand or anything. She just looked at me, and said; “Hey, I know what you are doing, you are instructing it to move it to the right.” It is so amazing, she just knows what I am trying to do, and within maybe 30 seconds something, it just moved, and it fell. It is such an amazing experience, thank you.


(Ma Nithya Swaroopapriyananda) –

So I think the smiles, the enthusiasm, and the excitement says it all. Swamiji has told us recently that the greatest source of stress anxiety, depression, anger violence, is the stress that children get in examinations. That exam stress, that fear of struggling, the fear of failure. I can say across the board, every single Balasant in Nithyananda Gurukul, when they ask for questions, they ask for harder questions. When they ask to give and exam, they ask for another exam. When they are told to crack the coconut they will crack it and crack it and crack it and again with more enthusiasm and excitement. They will not only crack it but also bring us into a space where we can also crack it, through this Shaktini Pāta.


I’ve said this before, and I will say it again, this is the only place, not only on planet earth, but I am sure in all the Cosmos, where not only, those who are learning, are excited to learn enjoy the process of learning, don’t even have to think about learning, what they need to know just lands on them. But also whoever is given the test, they will tell that person, if you would also given to do it, here is how. Swamiji’s pure compassion, pure grace, and of course, as Sadashiva Himself, and of course the energy transmits to us, that initiation He gives it’s something unprecedented. Every day he is taking into a next, next level so don’t miss tuning into these live satsangs, what is going to be shared, is going to continuously blow our minds. And luckily, maybe not luckily, through the Divine plan, we have enough doctors, enough researches, we have enough people here with high qualifications to put this all to the test to in a way that this can be properly documented and put in for posterity. I can see for thousands of years this is going to be discussed by thousands of people. Don’t miss being part of the happening, as it is still fresh, as it is still new. Now is the time to be here, and to enjoy. So please don’t miss tuning in everyday, to the live satsang, even we are excited, we don't know what is going to happen today that will be available for presentation tomorrow. So thank you for tuning in, and will see you soon.