Date Title
23-Sep-2016 Third Eye Science - Naturally Super not Supernatural
15-Sep-2016 The Matrix or The Existential Reality? – Q&A
14-Sep-2016 Are You In the Matrix of Artificial Ignorance or in Existential Reality ?
13-Sep-2016 Mystery of Matrix - on Sadashiva, Hindu Cosmology, Q & A
08-Sep-2016 Third Eye Science - Neither Mysticism nor Occultism
07-Sep-2016 Detoxify Your Third Eye from Fluoride and Neuro Toxins
06-Sep-2016 The Applied Science to Awaken Third Eye - Method 2
05-Sep-2016 MahaGanapati, Embodiment of Spontaneous Completion Celebration
02-Sep-2016 Restful Awareness Technique – the Secret Science of Third Eye
01-Sep-2016 Science of Third Eye Opening, Established
31-Aug-2016 Find the Immortality In You, Amritatvam
28-Aug-2016 How To Create What You Want - on Willpower, Will Persistence, and Will Arrogance
27-Aug-2016 Secrets of the Awakened state of Consciousness
23-Aug-2016 Best Spiritual Daily Routine to Achieve Bhava Samadhi
20-Aug-2016 Are You A Fan Or A Devotee ?
19-Aug-2016 Technique to Reach Sahaja Samadhi
17-Aug-2016 The Space Not The Place Matters
16-Aug-2016 Prana is Life Energy
15-Aug-2016 Who is the Most Beautiful Being?
13-Aug-2016 The Secret of 'What Illumines Your Mind'
12-Aug-2016 Let your Workship and Worship be Infinite Brahman
10-Aug-2016 Take a U-Turn to Enlightenment
06-Aug-2016 Create Your Safety Chamber
05-Aug-2016 The Best Way to Prepare for Death
04-Aug-2016 Don’t Hide Behind Your Blind Spots‬
03-Aug-2016 What Will You Choose – Good or Pleasant?
28-Jul-2016 Answers Create Conflict - Only Experience Can Liberate You
23-Jul-2016 Have Eternal Romance with the Cosmos - Spiritual Beauty Technique
12-Jul-2016 Natural Principles of Masculine & Feminine Physiology
11-Jul-2016 Faith System on Hindu Tradition
09-Jul-2016 Shanti Mantra - Peace Declaration