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On this World Environment Day, the world is witnessing a historic happening on the planet - rain is manifesting 108 places across the globe, bringing healing to the environment, by the spiritual powers of Sadashiva!

Adheenavasis & Nithyananda Gurukul℠ students, led by H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, are manifesting rain by the spiritual powers to play with nature.

"In Vedagamic tradition, the word used for weather and moods is same – vatavarana. Understand! Our masters were able to develop 300 words for love, so why should they only use one word for weather and moods? Such rich Rishis, why should they use same word for the mood swing and the weather? Because both are one and the same: changing this can be changing that; change of that can be change of this. Breath is the bridge. I’m just going to play with that bridge and change the vatavarana (inside weather) and change the vatavarana (outside weather). 

It is not just rains pouring; I am balancing the nature. I am healing Prakriti. I’m healing the nature, healing Mother Nature. In Vedagamic tradition, Prakriti is considered as mother, AdiShakti, and Parusha is considered as Sadashiva, source material."

-His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda