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Essence of Nithya Satsang with Paramahamsa Nithyananda

"Let me define what is going grace-y...

You all know what is going crazy. Absorbing absolute powerless principles and manifesting depression, life negativity, all that in your life is going crazy.

Making absolute powerful principles as your inner software and manifesting powers in your life is going grace-y.

You spend enough of your energy going crazy, now it is time to go grace-y.

Aushadha is ready to make you graceful. This will make Ishwaratva as a reality and make you happy. Understand, a happy person will always be integrated.

What is happiness? Excitement and self confidence which gives you the freedom to unclutch, makes you behave gracefully in every situation.

Happy person will be highly integrated. High energy person will be highly graceful.

It is stupid to believe joy comes by cunning efforts. Listen, it is stupid to believe joy comes by cunning strategies, no.

Listen, if your fundamental cognition is integrity, the kind of energies you observe, the kind of the persons you attract in your life, the kind of friends, relationships, situations Vatavarana you attract around you all that matters.

Absorbing the best powerful cognitions and manifesting the powers, that is precisely what I call go grace-y."