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Highlights from Living Sadashivoham Process, Session 3:

Take this as this week homework.

For all the compulsive thought current you have, bring completion to it. Complete with it and all the compulsive behavior pattern. You have to bring completion to it. That is Integrity. It can be as simple as you have to have a cup of coffee before going to restroom or connected to a deep violence mixed even in your romance, love.

Understand, there is nothing which can’t be solved. Any compulsive thought current, any compulsive behavior can be transformed into Conscious Space. See what harasses your completion again and again.

Let paradoxical things not become your functional logic.

Never give benefit of doubt to your fears and phobias. DO NOT give even one inch of benefit of doubt to your phobias or fears; they bring NO GOOD AT ALL in your life!

Replacing your Compulsive Thought Currents and Behaviors into CONSCIOUS Thought Currents and behaviors is Completion and Integrity.