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Today during the 43rd Inner Awakening, His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, after revealing some important truths about Death, carried the particpants through the deep Completion process known as the Death Meditation. It is one of the most powerful, deeply transformative proceess during the program. Many report deep healing, seeing visions, and other experiences of the states of Conciousness. 

Anybody who consciously allows the dying process and stares into the eyes of Death is a Dhirah, the courageous one, a Shiva Bhakta (Shiva’s devotee). Shaivism is the tradition that educates us to stare at death while we are alive and never allows us to divert our attention from Death.


The Avatar Speaks about Staring Death in the Eye:

Understand the secret, whenever you stare at somebody, even if he was looking at the other direction, automatically his eyes will come and get fixed on you.

Death may be staring at some other direction, if you decide to stare at him, his eyes will move and come and get fixed on you, that will be a beautiful looking at each other. That will be the best way of looking at each other, because when he is looking at somebody, if you are staring at him, then his attention falls on you slowly, slowly, slowly both vision will merge, you will have enough time to breathe, enough time to align yourself, enough time to settle with whom you are staring, to whom you are staring, with whom you are going to share yourself. But, when he is staring at you, it will be too much, heavy, it will literally be like me burning somebody. When Mahadeva stares, you can’t look back. You won’t be able to look back. You won’t be able to stare back.

Before death decides to look into your eyes, decide to look into his eyes. Before he decides to look into your eyes, decide to look into his eyes; because, during the dying, listen, I am equating you staring at the eyes of the death when he is staring at somewhere as dying and he staring at you directly is Death. He staring at your eyes directly is Death. You staring at him, when he is staring at somebody else is Dying.

One good thing, during the process of dying, the process of rebirthing is more known and available to you, is more known and available to you. Your bio-memory can cherish the dying and rebirthing in a beautiful way and transform itself.

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