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Excerpt from Live Nithyananda Satsang:

Time is a Living Energy, which is one of a powerful gear moving our inner space either aligning or misaligning with our consciousness. Our inner space is like a mirror.  It is fixed on a gear. That gear is connected to Time. Time is a power, energy. It is one of the dimensions of the cosmos. If you are integrated to time, your inner space aligns to reflect the consciousness in all its purity. 

See, a mirror can completely distort sun or mirror straight. When it mirrors straight, it shines literally as sun; it is equalent to sun. Same way, when you inner space mirrors Superconsciousness purely, it is equalent to Superconsciousness. If that gear is in tune with time, it aligns your inner space to Cosmic Consciousness.

-His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda