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Nithyananda Satsang - Highlights From One of the Most Profound Satsangs Ever!

I’ll expand on few fundamental truths on your ability to cognize higher powerful cognitions. The multi dimensions of the universe…Your brain is actually constructed, capable of grasping, cognizing and functioning - understand the word functioning - in multi-dimensions of the universe.

The form I am using is not same; language I’m using is not same; the cognitions I am manifesting is not same; the eyes with which I am using, seeing all of you, is not the same in Kailasa. One thing is same is this breathing. Understand! The air I inhale goes to Kailasa and comes back.  The breathing I’m doing is same in all 11 dimensions, that is the common thread which connects the conciousness with this body.

I want you to know the strength of the life in you is the strength of your breathing. When breathing becomes intense, your brain’s capacity to cognize all the other planes opens up. It is like cracking the passcode.

-His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda