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Temple Alanakar:


Mahadeva is gracing us as a bangle vendor. ‘Valaiyal Vitra Leelai’. As a bangle vendor he is gracing us. If he sells the bangle, who will not want to buy? This bangle vendor is a very tricky job. I will tell you the story of leela, then you will understand.

Shiva once went to Taraka Vana. Taraka Vana is one of the oldest religious universities. Those Rishis, Professors, they became very egoistic; thinking that their knowledge is the ultimate, nothing more is there. So Mahadeva went as a beggar, bhikshadana. Seeing his grace and beauty, all the Rishi pathnis have started going behind him. And all these Rishis lost completely their face and the manly ego completely got destroyed. The manly ego completely got destroyed. 
And the women, they ran behind Mahadeva such a way, melting in his love, and unable to tolerate the distance between him and them. The story says even literally, physically, they started losing weight and all the bangles dropped from their hands and the mekhala – the hip belt – dropped, because they have started becoming so lean, missing Mahadeva. 
So, seeing this, all Rishis got very angry and declared all their wives have lost chastity. And the Rishis cursed their wives saying that, ‘You guys will be born in a merchant community in Madurai.’ 
And Rishi Pathnis said, ‘Alright, you do what you want. We will ask Mahadeva for remedy.’ 
Mahadeva says, ‘Alright, ask the same fellows who gave the curse.’ 
And Mahadeva revealed his identity, and ordered the Taraka Vana Rishis to give the remedy. 
The Rishis said, ‘Alright, Shiva himself will come and put the bangles again for you guys. Then you will be liberated from the curse and come back.’ 
So, Mahadeva comes down as a bangle vendor and in the name of selling bangles and seeing the size, he puts the bangle for all those Rishi Pathnis who have come down due to the curse of the Rishis. Sundareshwara releases them from the curse. So, by the touch of Mahadeva, all those women, Rishi pathnis, got liberated and went back to their original space. 
This is the thirty-second leela of Mahadeva in that sixty-four. What all he has to do to liberate people. He has to even sell energy beads to liberate people. Sometime people call him business man. That is okay. He has to do what he has to do for which he has to do.

 -His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda


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