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HISTORICAL HAPPENINGS at Nithyananda Peetham, Bengaluru Aadheenam!

The day begins with one of the most profound and powerful webinars delivered by His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda – Shuddhadvaitam: Gateway to Extraordinary Powers.

His Holiness summed up Hinduism in 3 potent lines that penetrate the Being:

1) YOU are the Ultimate not only when you are manifesting the right things (powers), even when you are manifesting all the wrong things (powerlessness). YOU are the Source of what you manifest; Source is always more powerful than what is manifested.

2) Other than your simple will, your decision, will persistence, nothing else is required from your side to manifest the Ultimate, Sadashivatva. Nothing else needs to be done from your side other than will persistence and decision to manifest powers.

3) Sadashiva is required in the form of the Guru just to make the first 2 statements a reality for you without you being distracted, disturbed by all other stupid theories and theologies…so many people to tell you, “You are a sinner, slave and ordinary bound soul.” To protect you from all of them, defend you from all of them and safeguard you from all those “saviors”.



Balasants, initiated by His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda into the Depth Dimension, are now MATERIALIZING MATTER FOR THE FIRST TIME! Due to the Science of Sadashivatva, using Shaktinipata or Entanglement, His Holiness manifests through the Balasants and now He is sending solid MATTER through them. The kids started manifesting “lighter” matter such as kumkum, rice powder, bhasma/sacred ash and turmeric. Then they began manifesting larger items such as rudraksha beads, mala dollars and gemstones! His Holiness continues to prove that Hinduism is REAL and that the possibilities for human beings are nothing less than extraordinary!