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Maheshwara Puja

Maheshwara Puja is Hinduism’s most ancient ritual. His Holiness blesses the ancestors to attain enlightenment and offer them “pinda” or food for the journey to their enlightenment.

Another big part of the Maheshwara Puja is the offering of food to the Master along with His monastic disciples. Offering food to the Master is equal to feeding ten thousand hungry people. The best place on Planet Earth to give “pinda tharpana” (food for the departed souls, completion with living and those who left the body) is the stomach of a sannyasi. That is, the jataraagni (digestive fire), the hunger fire of a sannyasi is the best fire into which you can offer the pinda tharpana. The shraaddha (ritual offering to departed souls), reaches the pithrus (departed ancestors) directly. It is a thousand times greater than offering any “shraaddha”, any “pinda”, in any river, any water-body, any lake, any holy land, any holy place.