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Sayujya Mukti, Jnanasambandar Physically Merges into the Form of Sadashiva

Excerpts from Today's Morning Satsang:  

Sadashiva appeared as huge light energy -  ‘Whoever wants to achieve the Kailasa …come with me’. Only with Jnanasambandar, such a large number along with the body disappeared in the Shiva Jyothi and reached Kailasa, reached Sayujya Mukti on this day.

Greatest happening in the history - largest number of people achieving Sayujya Mukti. So many went with their body, not leaving the body behind. Jnanasambandar lived with 16,000 disciples: 1600 sannyasis and 16,000 Aadheenavasis. Richest saint ever lived while in the body!

~His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda