Stop clinging to your desires

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I tell you – you don’t even need to give up your desire for name and fame. Just give up the clinging to it, that is enough. Understand, desire for name and fame is more like a desire for having a banana – cheap, the comedian’s desire. If somebody praises you, enjoy it, what is there? But this clinging to the reward of performance - means, internally having it as a pattern, but externally saying, ‘No, I don’t have desire for name and fame’, and expecting others to praise you for not being touched by name and fame. Clinging is more like a villain’s quality. It is a villain’s game. Very dangerous, where you expect reward for performance, and delay things if you don’t get the reward. I can say it is like poison inside your stomach. Anything you eat will become poison, because the poison is inside your stomach.

I can say, clinging is the bio-memory version of a strong desire for name and fame. It makes your whole life sick, and makes all the people around you sick. So basically, first thing you need to do is destroying the clinging for the reward, not even the desire for name and fame. Desire is simple, open, honest - sometimes sweet! But when the clinging is there, over! It is just like intruding, abusing, disrespecting the whole cosmos. Only when you give up the clinging for the reward or performance, you are in constant satisfaction.


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