Simply flow with Life

spiritual wisdom from Nithyananda
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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Please understand, whole life is alchemy. When the soil, manure, three-four different things come together, suddenly the alchemy of plant starts happening. When the grain, water, fire, salt - when all of them come together, the alchemy of cooking starts happening. When the food, your intestine, blood, prana - all of them come together, alchemy of digestion is happening. Understand, same way, when the muscles, flesh, blood, nervous system - when all these things come together, the alchemy of extraordinary powers like seeing, listening, tasting are happening. But unfortunately, you don’t stop with those powers. If you are simply flowing with those powers, you will radiate so much of intelligence. I tell you, a man who is simply seeing, simply tasting, simply listening, simply enjoying the physical sex without carrying the hangover, will radiate so much of intelligence.

Your senses are only tools of life. But unfortunately, they feel they are lord of life. For example, your eyes - it is a combination of little bit of nerves, muscles, blood. It has the capacity of seeing. But unfortunately, because continuously it is able to see, it starts assuming that it can control the scene. This is the basic fallacy of organs. That is why I want to call them nonsense organs! The moment you say, I have a choice, you already assumed the kartrtva (sense of doership). When all the five senses are put together, suddenly a wrong alchemy happens – sense of doership. Sense of doership is the broomstick created by the five sticks of the senses. When you remove the sticks, there is no broomstick! Understand, other than the five senses, there is no sense of doership. That understanding expresses itself as intelligence.