No excuses for unawareness

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Friday, January 20, 2012


The most cunning escape route that human mind uses is – ‘I did not do it knowingly.’  This is the continuous unconscious pattern with which human beings suffer. Who said you did it knowingly? But you did it on purpose! Understand, even all unknowing things, you may be doing unknowingly but with purpose. Unknowingly does not mean you can do anything you want and there is just no need to be responsible. Unknowingly only means that somewhere, secretly, you are still comfortable with your patterns. You are not yet feeling the suffocation of your patterns.

All philosophizing, encouraging, inspiring, everything is just till the level you feel uncomfortable with the lower identity and get comfortable with the higher existence. That’s all. Getting comfortable with the higher identity is not ego. Please understand, talking outside as if you have higher identity is ego. But internally if you are comfortable with higher identity, it is not ego.

The most cunning pattern human beings carry is, trying to justify their wrong deeds and wrong things with the word ‘I did not do knowingly’. See, the moment you say you did not do knowingly, you justify all the actions happened. If you did not do knowingly, it means you are still supporting the identity which has made the mistake. So work on your lower identity, be disrespectful to your lower identity, be uncomfortable with it. Become uncomfortable with lower identity, so that you can become comfortable with your higher being. 


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