Let unclutching grow on you

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Monday, March 05, 2012

Q: “Swamiji, if we keep unclutching from everything, what is the purpose of being alive?” – Aaron, Israel

N: Aaron, you have the wrong understanding of being alive. Only when you unclutch, you will understand the purpose of being alive. You are nothing but the totality of your actions. I can say, you are the totality of the side-effects of your actions! Every action you do leaves its imprint on you. Ramakrishna says very beautifully, if you are inside a charcoal godown, how much ever you protect yourself, the charcoal will settle on you. Life leaves lot of dirt and dust in you, around you. Life itself for you is nothing but throwing dust – others throwing dust on you and you throwing dust on others. By continuously unclutching, you keep yourself pure. Not just keeping yourself pure, even the dust put on you from the past gets healed.

So be established in unclutching. Unclutching is like a plant, it can keep on growing on you. It needs to grow. You need to make it happen. Understand, initiation is like a small seed. No seed fails which is touched by me, no initiation fails which is done by me. I do my job very perfectly! Understand it is like a growing tree. It is not like a magic wand! At one moment, when the breakthrough happens, it will be really like magic. Have patience. Work on growing your consciousness in the direction of unclutching. The purpose of being alive is to keep on unclutching. 

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