Come out of past karma

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Again and again, the scriptures from all traditions describe - the moment you have the advaita anubhooti, self-realization, you realize that you are not responsible for your actions, either good or bad. Just your hormones, your body chemicals, are responsible for all your actions. That is why, in Sanskrit, we have the word Prayaschita, which is not punishment, but a chance to internalize this truth.

Sanchita is the totality of the past actions. It can be broken only when you understand that all your actions are just because of chemical imbalances in your body. See, once you realize that it is because of the high serum level in your body that you have expressed lust in the past, it is not just that you will have your life under your control in future. You will come out of even the effect of all past actions.

Actually, when you realize all actions are because of your hormonal imbalance, suddenly you will lose interest in all your pleasures. See, you will never feel like tasting and squeezing pleasure out of your own flesh! When you realize this truth, you will completely lose the very idea of pleasure and pain. When when you realize the intense excitement without the idea of pleasure, you radiate so much joy. Neither you run away from pleasure, nor you run towards it. The extraordinary joy without any idea of pleasure is what I call Living Enlightenment.

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